Friday, 10 September 2010

On Planet Earth (for some)

Firstly let me extend a warm welcome to The Weaver of Grass from Leyburn in North Yorkshire as the latest follower of this mundane tuppence worth of tripe and onions. The Weaver is a farmer's wife living on the edge of the Dales and her blog is entertaining, light, informative and full of great local pictures from her part of the world, please visit her blog and enjoy. Welcome ma'am.

Well the weekend is upon us with all sorts of strange things happening in the world outside of this great county. The strange Pastor Terry Jones who has a congregation of thirty in Florida USA has hit world headlines for his perverse threat to symbolically burn the Koran. I heard an interesting debate on BBC Radio 2 this lunchtime on the Jeremy Vine show where two opposing views were heard both supporting him and opposing him. At a time where world peace is in the heart of every right thinking man and woman perhaps Pastor Jones best hang up his cassock or whatever Pastors wear in Florida and retire gracefully and allow the rest of us in the world to try to get along without facing the risk of being plunged into another terrorist war!

I don't know about your part of the world, but autumn seems to have come slightly early here this year. Rain, strong winds and falling leaves are around us here in Yorkshire and I notice a lot of the berries are showing early colour to attract the birds. Is this a sign of a bad winter in front of us? That's what folklore tells us; the truth is that early berries don't signify a bad winter to come but a good spring in the past where flowers weren't killed off by late spring frosts! The picture above in my pyracantha bush in the back garden full of orange berries which the blackbirds particularly love.

Wayne Rooney has allegedly been using call girls and has now asked for privacy following red top tabloid headlines. Well I have always believed that the press are too powerful and clearly the girl(s) in question are motivated, allegedly by the rewards of kiss and tell, but here is someone millions of kids around the world look up to as a success story and a role model, so the one I feel sorry for is not him, but his wife and all his innocent younger supporters who must be totally confused by all this. This is a very sad, sorry story.

Have you noticed that the subject of the Comprehensive Spending Review (CSR) has suddenly gained momentum in the media. This is the government's announcement in October of what the budget will be for the public sector in the next four years. My area of business has been preparing for between between 15% and 25% of cuts for 18 months, long before the election was called and this is in addition of cuts that were already being planned. The media have come to this very late and frankly have missed a trick to get an accurate measure of public opinion on what these levels of cuts mean in real terms. Watch out for a double dip recession, a couple of million extra on the dole, therefore no income tax being paid, benefits increasing instead of decreasing, no one selling or buying houses because of uncertainty and meanwhile the banks who caused this mess in the first place are making billions in profits - at the public expense. Nice one.

The BBC have a
slide show on their BBC news on line website, quote: "From back-garden enthusiasts to professional photographers - the Royal Observatory in Greenwich received hundreds of entries for its 2010 Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition." The slide show is of the best photographs and is absolutely magnificent, please take five minutes to sit and relax and watch it.

Scientists have, apparently been analysing the difference between 'bad' dance moves made by blokes and 'good' dance moves in an effort to prove that 'good' dance moves make men more attractive to women. It seems 'good' dance moves give a sub-conscious psychological message to women that men are in good health and are potentially good reproductive material. That's me knackered on all fronts!

Enjoy the weekend (dodging the showers in the UK) and I'll leave you with this news story that's just come in on the wires:

"A lorry carrying hundreds of copies of Roget's Thesaurus has just crashed and overturned on the M1 motorway. The driver is okay, but onlookers were described as, 'stunned, overwhelmed, astonished, gobsmacked, amazed, bewildered and dumbfounded.'"

Chat soon



  1. Thank you for that warm welcome Lesser Spotted, much appreciated.
    My views seem to coincide with yours on all the topics you raise today. Luckly it is easy up here in The Dales to keeps ones head well below the parapet on most things - and I like it best that way.
    How you have managed to keep those berries heaven only knows - ours have been gone for weeks - the rowan berries disappeared in an afternoon.
    Nice to meet up again. Keep in touch.

    Love the Roget story.

  2. Hello Weaver
    Thanks for the comments. I think the reason we've still got berries is that we put seed out all the year round, so they tend not to pick them for a month or so yet.
    Were I not involved in public service I would like to keep mine down too, but we're working hard to maintain front line services whilst trying to make back office support leaner - trouble is one has a direct impact on the other and I don't think ministers have a clue how it works in the real world.
    Tough times ahead