Wednesday, 13 April 2011

358 - Mean Anything to You?

Welcome to blog 358. Nothing remarkable about that I guess; not a number which readily sticks in the memory for anything special. It might however be special for those who catch the 358 bus from Orpington to Crystal Palace in Greater London: workers, schoolies, signers on, lovers, shoppers and visitors to sick, lame and lazy.

The 309 passengers and crew of flight
358, the 'miracle flight' from Paris to Toronto which crashed on landing in 2005 and disintegrated will never forget that event - they all survived the Air France Airbus A340 disaster leaving behind nothing but tangled unrecognised wreckage.

Finally, in the year
358 (CCCLViii) Nicaea in Turkey suffered one of many earthquakes; the Franks in Belgium capitulated to Julian, Roman Emperor and Princess Duan, formally Empress Chengzhao of a now non-existent state in northern China, died. She was tortured having denied charges of witchcraft.

Tonight is one of those rare lazy nights watching the goggle box, but not broadcast television which I have come to get more and more switched off by, but a film Citizen Kane recently bought on DVD by my son John. The film, an early 1940s classic is directed by, produced by and stars the extraordinary Orsen Wells. It's that long ago since I've seen it, I actually can't remember what goes on at all (old age and stupidity=bad memory.) Now where was I?

Oh yes - off to lounge about for an hour and a half with a cuppa and good company.

I've got a day long diversity meeting at work tomorrow which is always fun and achieves a lot with great discussion and fascinating topics.

Hoping that Lottery tickets bought tonight will bear some fruit (or cash would be preferable.)

Enjoy the rest of your week.

Chat soon



  1. Wow the magic of numbers! A great posting and it got me thinking about numbers so 'Good Luck' with your Lottery ticket. Have a great day!

  2. Hi Jarmara
    Many thanks, I've just checked them - nothing, but there's still the rest of the week to go.
    Have a great day too!

  3. Go easy. Empathy is good, but distance yourself now and again and allow yourself personal space.

  4. Hi wheelie - good advice - 'me' space and 'me' time is very important to me. Hope you are okay?