Friday, 29 April 2011

Put your Pinny on Dear

I didn't watch the royal wedding today, I wasn't interested in 'that dress,' but I wished the couple well and I watched them while I had my lunch as they left the cathedral to Buckingham Palace and then the fly-by of the Second World War Memorial Flight. It looked a great day weather wise for those hardly Londoners and those who travelled from further afar and all seemed to go well. I'm pleased for the couple.

And a seamless transition to a new subject: I have no idea why I am inspired to write about 'pinnies.' Pinnies to keep your dress clean while you cook, wash and do the housework. I have one, but being manly, I like to think of it as an apron. 

Looking back, both my grandmothers, my mother and her sister wore pinnies, ones that tied round your waist. Only they never just wore them during domestic chores, but most of the day. It was habit. 

I 'borrowed' the picture above and I accidentally closed the site down before I had chance to record the link - so if you see this pic and it's yours, let me know and I'll acknowledge it. (Sorry!) The pinnies were usually floral, pale colours (to hide the stains I wonder?) and usually a pocket for the hankie or a packet of fags. But then as my grandparents were 'housewives' and not having a huge wardrobe, there was less incentive not to wear them often.

And yet another well planned seamless segue: Although the people who put fertilizer down on my lawn say that there's no need to water grass, it'll do very nicely without and will recover if it goes brown, I have relented. My sprinkler is on. My grass got a cut while the nation was glued to its televisions this morning and it was noticeably browning in places. 

It looks okay and neat enough although my strimmer did run out of the little plastic wire so it's not trimmed all the same. Doing it with an old fashioned pair of long handled shears which is how I finished it off is a lot neater.

I've even put some grass seed down on a few little bald patches. 

A day of domestic bliss tomorrow, shopping and other 'interesting' things. NOT

Chat soon



  1. I didn't get to see the wedding yet. We,re planning to watch a rerun tonight. Even my Southern daughter-in-law wants to watch it. Spring is a couple of weeks late up here in Boise, but we're having a nice visit. No house chores for me this weekend. Yea!

  2. Hi ChrisJ
    You will enjoy it - the coverage was very good from what I saw. Enjoy your chores free weekend.