Sunday, 17 April 2011

Trousers on the Line

There are few delights in life, well my life anyway, than to spend a warm balmy sunny day in the garden. Gardening, reading, chatting, watering, weeding, feeding, cutting, tidying, drinking tea, composting, cleaning and drinking more tea.

Looking up into the rays of light between the trees to see thousands of insects and other things drifting slowly along, back lit and highlighted by the sunlight gave me a sense of relaxation along with the smells of spring and the warmth - wonderful and hopefully a sign of things to come.

We do, however need some rain. Ironic isn't it that after the worst winter for years and all that water from melted snow that made everything mushy and sodden, we now need some rain.

To boot - I even found time to prepare and cook tea - chicken breast stuffed with chopped mushrooms and coated with apple and sage and onion stuffing. Ah what a day.

I am reading one of those - 'don't want to put it down' type books, a novel by Diane Setterfield called The Thirteenth Tale; so far, and I'm only a third the way through, it has everything you could wish for in a good book. It was a choice for the book club I follow on Facebook.

The weather was even warm enough to put washing out on the line today.

I mentioned that I went to a wedding yesterday in Beverley, East Yorkshire which went very well. A short registry office service followed by pictures in the attached garden. The reception, held a few miles away in Hornsea (on the East Yorkshire coast) was super: short speeches (excellent), superb buffet, table magician who was very good, a singer and a saxophonist accompanying him were fantastic. A great afternoon all round.

The funny bit, and this is what nerves do for you, the bride had a fit of giggles. This came about after an ever-so-slight but definite pause from her when the registrar asked if she knew of any lawful impediment why they shouldn't be married. Comic timing to perfection.

A great weekend, shame it has to finish, I hope you all have a great week. It's a short one for me, working three days, Thursday off flexi-time and then the Bank Holiday Easter weekend.

Chat soon



  1. Your garden looks lovely. I'm glad the wedding went well, it's just as well the bride had a fit of the giggles, imagine if she starting crying.

  2. Hi Val
    Thanks, all very green so far, but don't know how long that will last - no rain for what seems like ages. I prefer the giggles to tears...

  3. I like that kind of day too - but am impressed that after the gardening you were in charge in the kitchen - also shall try that with chicken breasts next time.

  4. Hi Weaver -
    Bake at 180 degrees for about 45/55 mins, then uncover for the last twenty mins and the stuffing crisps nicely. Enjoy!