Thursday, 21 April 2011

The Sun has got it's Hat on...

There are so many blogs popping up on my favourite reading list, I do read them all and promise I'll pay a visit and hopefully make some comments. Everyone's creative juices must be on the move.

What a lovely spring day with wall to wall sunshine after a foggy start. Finningley in Lincolnshire, just a few miles south is 23 degrees Celsius this afternoon.

I've taken an extra day off today and got some quality gardening done. Some of my little plug plants that came from the seed catalogue arrived over the last couple of days and I've potted over 180 plants up this morning. It doesn't do the back any good but wow, now that they are potted, I can look forward to nurturing, watering, protecting, ready for planting out in about 3 to 4 weeks time toward the middle to end of May.

We still get late frosts here in the north of the UK until the end of May but if they do come along, they are unlikely to be severe and plants can be easily protected with newspaper.

Talking of days off, here in the UK as in many parts of the world, it's Easter but we also have some extra national events coming up such as a royal wedding etc.
So this means that workers can take three days holiday entitlement but actually get eleven days off in a row! My colleague has done just that and I think she heads up to Edinburgh for a three day break very shortly; a beautiful city.

How does this work? Here we go:

Friday 22 - Good Friday (Bank Holiday)

Saturday 23 - Weekend

Sunday 24 - Weekend

Monday 25 - Easter Monday (Bank Holiday)

Tuesday 26 -
Take a day's annual leave
Wednesday 27 -
Take a day's annual leave
Thursday 28 -
Take a day's annual leave
Friday 29 - Royal Wedding (Bank Holiday)

Saturday 30 - Weekend

Sunday 1 May - Weekend

Monday 2 May - (Early May Bank Holiday)

So there you have it. I'm off the week beginning the 2 May for a week
, so it costs me four days leave entitlement for 9 days off, not quite a bargain, but I'm not complaining.

Last night along the east coast of the UK in parts was a sea fret, a sort of creeping fog from the North Sea over the warm and still land. The sea is still cold this time of year despite the warmth in the sun. The UK
Meteorological Office describe the sea at 8 degrees Celsius. Chilly if you were to spend a lot of time in it considering the core body temperature is around 37 degrees Celsius depending on where you take the temperature.

Despite the heat - roast pork for tea, the smell wafting through the house is sensational!

Chat soon



  1. Today that sea fret has almost reached inland as far as us in the dales - there is an odd 'thickness' in the air - still loely weather though. Love those dark tulips.

  2. Hi Weaver
    Thanks, the tulips are beautiful and velvety. I've just come in (9pm) and its clear and chilly out there now.

  3. I have the same tulips in my garden too. Have a wonderful week off. I've been busy in my garden too, but it's just too hot too soon I just hope we don't run out of water. I would hate to lose all my new plants.

  4. Hi Jarmara
    They are gorgeous aren't they. I heard an article the other day by our local BBC weatherman and he was saying that they've got a massive network of pumps across the nation now which cost £300,000,000 which allows them to pump water to wherever needs it. He reckons there will be no hosepipe ban.

  5. Wow, I love the colour of those tulips! x

  6. Hi Elizabeth - now, a few days later, they are almost black...