Friday, 15 April 2011

Smell of Spring

Spring has its own unique smell doesn't it? Particularly now with the blossom flowering across the countryside, new leaves, freshly mown grass and pollen in the air. The dampness and cold mornings just adds to that sense of freshness and renewal.

We trimmed our cherry tree last year and raised its crown to give us some more light and its absolutely full of blossom - more than I've seen for years. The only thing is most of it falls into the small pond, but it's easily fished out (excuse the pun) with a small net. I have noticed that the magnolia trees everywhere this spring are magnificent.

Its a shame that the air freshener companies can't bottle 'spring.' Sure they can do fresh; they can do fragranced fresh, but they can't replicate 'spring'.

I was minding my own business at work today having a pleasant conversation with a young woman. I happened to be noshing on a banana between sentences and the banana became unexpectedly crunchy.

My crown had fallen off. Fortunately, I managed to rescue it and apart from a gap in my teeth, all is well. My dentist will try to re-cement it next Tuesday. The moral of this story is don't trust bananas despite the fact that look and behave all innocent and coy!

I'm going to a wedding tomorrow afternoon in Beverley in East Yorkshire. The groom is Barry and the bride is Shirley Ann and I wish them well and I am looking forward to the wedding and the reception. They fly to Vietnam for a trekking holiday on Monday - lucky them. It's the second time Shirley has been after going there to find her son after the terrible tsunami a few years ago (successfully thank goodness) and I'm sure they will both love it.

My other half had visitors tonight so I disappeared to the supermarket to get a couple of cards and went and sat at the Humber Bridge viewing site for half an hour writing the cards and listening to the excellent 'Friday Night is Music Night' on BBC Radio 2. The poorish picture at the top was taken with my little Lumix resting on my rear view door mirror.

I haven't heard any good jokes lately, so I'll pinch one from the comedian Jimmy Car. "The makers of Persil, have been fined £93 million, for price fixing. Price fixing? Surely that's money laundering."

Chat soon



  1. Like the joke RLS! Also like the photo of the bridge lit up - have never crossed it at night.
    We shall be crossing it three weeks tomorrow when we go South for a meandering holiday through Lincolnshire and Norfolk and into Essex.

  2. good photo of the humber bridge.

    Josie x

  3. Hi Weaver - many thanks. Enjoy your trip - by passing through East Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and Norfolk, you are passing the three main counties where all my paternal ancestors come from. Enjoy your trip.

    Hi Josie - Hope you are well, thanks for the comment, never really expected to take a pic, but there's something about the bridge at night that makes me want to photograph it.

  4. Lovely photo. I hope the wedding went well.
    Oh no about your tooth :(

  5. Hi Val
    The wedding went well apart from the bride got a fit of giggles during the vows, brought on through a subtle but noticable pause when she was asked if she knew of any lawful impediment to them getting married. The reception was great with a lovely buffet, short speeches, a table magician and a live singer and sax accompanyist.
    It feels a bit odd with a gap in the old teeth, but getting it fixed on Tuesday with a bit of cement (hope it's quick drying.)