Thursday, 7 April 2011

Busy Week

The first week of the month is always busy - both at work and in my home life. In the evening this week so far included a football meeting, a Board meeting, a psychic circle and a special psychic circle and later in the week a distance healing experiment with another Reiki healer. My wife works on some of these evenings, so the impact at home isn't too bad.

This doesn't take into account work which, for the last few weeks seems to have been fairly manic with some longer hours than normal.

The downside to this is missing some meals and not eating what I should and not being home as much as I would like but the upside is I'm doing things I enjoy and can relax at - for example in a meditation tonight at my special psychic circle - I nodded off for five minutes in a power nap - it caught up on me. Thank goodness I don't snore.

I had a nice meal tonight when I got home at 9.15 pm which I reheated in the microwave - another invention that can be so useful, the shame is that her indoors couldn't tear herself away from the TV to even ask what sort of day I'd had - oh well.

So, late evening solace with the computer, reading and then bed.

I'm going to a funeral tomorrow. My occasional partner (at work) for a short while back in the early/mid 1980s, a lovely man aged only 57 died last week. The life and soul of the party and with a wonderful sense of humour and a broad beaming smile that went with it . I'll be very sad, but only briefly, the celebration of his life and what he had achieved will make me smile, easy for me of course, more difficult for his family and my thoughts and wishes are with them as they come to terms with his unexpected death.

Looking forward to the weekend as I pick up a new suit for a wedding the weekend after next and on Sunday going to a Body, Mind and Spirit Fair.

I need a holiday!

Chat soon



  1. I'm not surprised you nodded off, that's quite a week. I'm busy and consequently grumpy too, never mind I've a day at work I'm not looking forward to and then off to see Peter Kay tonight with the children. Not even that's cheering me, I've a long drive today and both ends are in rush hour traffic and then rush hour traffic to Birmingam for PK !!!!

  2. Hi Auntie
    It's a real slog in a morning when the day ahead is looking bleak and all that driving to boot. Never mind, I'm sure that when PK gets going, you'll forget the worries of the day and you'll enjoy it tremendously. I've never seen him live although I think his work off the stage is some of his funniest - i.e., television and his guest appearances all over the place.
    Take care hun