Thursday, 20 August 2009

'A' level frenzy

In the UK it's 'A' level results day. 'A' levels, the right of passage between school and University or college or a life working and earning hard cash. As always, the press seem to have a field day in rubbishing the results saying it's too easy and the simple and flawed argument they use is that it must be easier because more are passing. Doh! They would of course hate to admit that teaching standards might be improving through Governmental or local policies and controls, better head teaching and direction, committed teachers, kids getting brighter, parents more supportive etc.

My youngest lad has received his results today and he got what he wanted, a B and two C grades. He would have liked a couple of higher grades, but like me, he has to graft to learn, nothing sticks photographically and to achieve them he worked damned hard and even resat his interim exams (AS levels) to improve his grades. Long hours, hard work and determination got him his reward, a place at Liverpool University. I have told him in no uncertain terms that the hard work will start once he gets there and this last year will seem like a picnic compared to what he'll have to do, but he'll give it his best shot. My motto with all my children is simple: 'Do your best, work hard and you will get the best results for you.' I ask nothing more. Well done son!

I was so relieved that he had been accepted by his University, I was more nervous than him waiting for the results and on the prospect of trying to find another one if he wasn't accepted at such short notice and in such fierce competition for places.

I have joined up with two good friends to do a week's course at the Arthur Findlay College in Essex next year on 'The Spirit, the Psychic and The Artist.' My good friend Shirley Ann is an exception psychic artist and her partner Barry is also a great psychic medium and both are good experienced artists in their own right so I'll need to do a little catching up and do some serious drawing practice. Drawing people I always think is the hardest thing to do, capturing a likeness, capturing character, the unique smile perhaps, the distinctive jaw line, unlike the equally as challenging but docile and well behaved apple and orange still life. What is best to use - pencils, charcoal, something else and what is the best paper to use? I'll find out of course unless you have any suggestions.

I asked my other half for permission to go, although I had already made my mind up because she doesn't believe or more accurately approve of this spiritual 'mumbo-jumbo'. Her only concern was the cost, but for full board it seemed extremely reasonable. Anyway, approval was tacitly given so I need to save a couple of hundred pounds but I think it's a good investment for my personal development.

My middle lad has just brought me a welcome cuppa so I'll finish that off and think about an hour on the old treadmill.

Chat soon



  1. Well done to your son, that's brilliant.

    The course you are going on sounds very interesting, I look forward to reading all about it.

  2. Hear, hear! Well done to your son.

    I admire your optimism that the hard work begins immediately. Is that the hard work of Fresher's week, making lots of new friends and adjusting to the freedoms being a young adult?

    I wish him every success at Liverpool.

  3. I wrote a post on a similar subject on the other site I contribute to, A level result day terrors.
    Well done to your boy and I hope he enjoys Liverpool.

    My eldest has just started her last school year and this time next year will be off. I will miss her with a visceral and primeval ache but I know she should go but not to see my child every day and to touch her will be the very hardest thing I have ever done in my life.