Monday, 24 August 2009

More haste, less speed...

What a weekend - never been so busy and feel exhausted and it's only Monday!

Saturday was a busy day looking at cars - we want to update our three year old car before its MOT is due and we've found a nice Honda. The trouble is that when Honda closed their factories down during the early part of the recession, they got rid of all their stock, so the new car we want is not even on the production line yet and we will have to wait until October, still, at least it will have the new 59 registration. As a bonus, Hull City won their game in the Premiership, and whilst I'm not a supporter, I'm glad to see them getting a victory and the first at home for
some time.

Sunday was hectic but got the grass cut, blog written (albeit brief) family party in the afternoon, psychic demo in the evening and to underpin all that England won the Ashes!

Monday on the way home, I bought a second hand car that we spotted on Saturday for my middle lad to replace his ageing Fiat. I need to catch my breath!

The psychic demo was held at the Old English Gentleman, a quaint pub in the Hull City Centre. This is a bar that the luvvies from the New Theatre across the road gravitate to for drinkies after the show. The pub is black wood panelled inside and is full of photographs, signed by the visiting stars going back donkey's years, (click the picture to enlarge it and see if you can spot any of the old stars in the pics on the wall)

The history of the pub is brief and thanks to Paul Gibson for the facts: The pub first served beer around 1840 as an extra income for the grocer who ran the premises. It wasn't named the Old English Gentleman until 1872 and has survived numerous wars and still goes strong today.

The medium on the night had been drafted in because the originally booked medium was ill. This guy had only done one to one readings for people in his own home and had never held a pub audience before, but he was very good despite his nervousness. I was the only guy there in the audience and it was very interesting indeed. I received a message from my late grandfather Cyril and what he said, through the medium was very accurate. Everyone else seemed to find him good as well, so a success.

Off for a bath to relax despite it being very late, have a great week.

Chat soon


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  1. I'm worn out just reading about your weekend!
    That was great that you got a reading. The pub looks like a really cool place.