Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Natural born killer at large...

As I drove up to the house tonight after work and parked up, I was greeted by my nephew next door hanging out the window saying a hawk had just come down in my garden and everyone was watching it eat a pigeon.

I nipped round to his garden and over the fence with my brother in law watched in awe as a Sparrow Hawk devoured the bulk of the unfortunate victim of a lethal and dastardly crime. This natural born killer was systematically and calmly, indeed with no conscience at all de-feathering the pigeon and ripping its flesh and I wondered if it would turn its attentions to the squirrels or the yob who drives along the road at 75 mph every night? I'd pay!

Joking apart, this true spectacle was amazing and although no-one actually saw the kill itself, to have this rare and wonderful bird in the garden was something I will remember for a long time.

Thanks to my son for having the presence of mind to take a picture (above - click on the image to enlarge it,) which I must share with you good bloggers.

Chat soon



  1. You lucky chap. I'm glad you got home in time to see this magnificent beast and didn't miss it.

    A couple of years ago I was up early for work and saw something very big sat on the fencepost at the end of the garden. I watched the sparrowhawk for while before poking my camera out of the bedroom window and scaring it off.

    When I went into the garden I found the crime scene - lots of feathers on the lawn from the poor sparrow that had come to my bird table to feed. Like you, I felt this sense of priveledge by having such a noble visitor.

    Ta ra


  2. That pigeons not dead - it's restin'