Thursday, 27 August 2009

Sailing through calmer waters...

I hope the week finds you all well and enjoying this 'summer' of ours. During the rain and wind from the remnants of Hurricane Bill on Wednesday, it felt positively cold and autumnal at one stage.

My book about our family reunion has come back from the printers at last and I'm just about to send it out to the extended family. I put some old family photos in it and pictures of the event itself and it looks pretty good. The picture above is my amateur creation that went on the front page as a cover. All you creative souls among you could have done a better job, but the there is a certain satisfaction of doing something yourself?

My youngest has put his ticket in at the local Boots store as he pops off to University on the 19th August. Amazing, we have been trying to get hold of the student finance people for over a week and, surprise surprise, we can never get through on the phone despite waiting for literally hours for someone to answer and the web site doesn't answer our question. Most of our spare time seems to be hanging on to phones waiting for responses, [sigh!]

The week has settled down to a steadier pace and we are recovering from a hectic weekend but one piece of good news is that Honda have found a new car just out of the factory that someone else has cancelled, so we'll get our new car sooner rather than later.

Three men were sadly killed in a car crash and went to heaven. St Peter gave Eric a clapped out old Ford Transit van to drive round Heaven with because he had had four affairs whilst he was married. Raymond was given a rusty but usable Toyota pick up because he had only had two flings whilst he was married. Andy was given a brand new top of the range executive Range Rover because he had led a clean blameless life.

Eric and Raymond were very jealous of Andy's Range Rover until one day they found him parked on a cloud sat at the wheel of his car crying his eyes out. "Whatever's the matter Andy?" Asked Eric, "You've got the best car in Heaven, how could you be sad?"

"I know," sobbed Andy, "But I've just seen my wife go by on a skateboard."

Chat soon


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