Monday, 14 September 2009

Autumn approaches - noisily

It's that time of the month when the old weigh scales start to groan at the very thought of my appearance. The last set of speaking weigh scales sneered at me when I got on, "One at a time please!" You just don't need it that sort of sarcasm from a machine.

I lost another 10 pounds in the last four weeks (4.6 Kg) making the grand total so far a loss of 6.2 stones (39.5 Kg) since that first fateful and emotional day of self discovery on the 23 February 2009. Next month, I'll reveal what I started out as weighing back then, something I have refused to divulge so far, but in a fit of rare temper the other day (not really temper but more controlled annoyance) blurted it out to a critic; needless to say I was disappointed to have said it, but it shut them up! What I wont be saying is what the goal is because in truth, I don't really know although I have a rough idea and I don't want to set myself up to fail.

Turned out nice today and although the breeze is taking the temperature down, it's nice and sunny again. I have noticed how many leaves are falling and the trees now have a tinge of yellow and orange on the higher branches signalling a definite march into Autumn. In just under a month, there will be Hull Fair, the biggest travelling fair in Europe (and if you haven't been perhaps you might like to have a trip here - it's fun) but that's when locals here usually recognise when Autumn comes to life with radiant colours of the many trees in the many parks and lovely East Yorkshire countryside. I suppose its been so cold and miserable in general, it feels like Autumn arrived some time ago. It'll soon be Christmas!

At last we've had the student finance letter for my youngest son through for his first year at University and although his loan is a paltry sum, (we'll have to stump up some significant funds) at least we have a reply, according to the BBC news site, thousands haven't yet received any notice and trying to get through to the finance people is impossible with a poor website, no response to e-mails and phone lines permanently engaged apparently.

A maiden at Uni, Miss Breeze,

Was weighed down with BAs and LitDs,

Collapsed from the strain,

Said her Doctor, "It's plain -

You're killing yourself by degrees."

Boom boom!

Chat soon


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  1. You have done so well, that's brilliant!