Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Change for change sake?

Call me stupid and sentimental (no don't) but what a blow announced on BBC Radio 2 that Uncle Terry Wogan is retiring from the morning spot. I actually heard him say it live as I drove into work. I can imagine future generations saying, 'What were you doing the day Wogan announced he was leaving the breakfast show daddy?' Well perhaps not, but he will be sorely missed. As for Chris Evans taking over? I have nothing against him, he has a very entertaining early evening spot, but he'll always be the man who took over from Wogan - I feel a little sorry for him.

I was talking to the Chief Executive Officer designate of the East Riding County FA today and we were talking about change, as inevitably there will be change when he takes over and stamps his style on the organisation. Change is difficult to manage at the best of times and few people like it do they? We get set in our ways and reluctant to go down new paths, to go out of our comfort zone, to be challenged and found wanting.

So like getting used to the new voice on the radio in the morning, we all get used to change eventually. We're pretty good as human beings at adapting, in truth, and making it work - admitted some turn their energies easier to new ways and some will witter and suffer more stress but if you don't bring people 'on board,' to use the modern management speak cliche, what do organisations expect?

Communicate change, tell people what's going on and why in plenty of time. Get people involved in making decisions about their change, make them feel part of it all, part of the solution to making change work well and then celebrate and reward successful change. I should write a book!

"Will there be anything else sir?" said the room service waiter as he finished laying a candlelit dinner for two in the best suite in the hotel.
"No thank you, that will be all."
The waiter noticed a beautiful satin negligee on the bed. "Will there be anything for your wife sir?"
The man pondered. "Yes, good idea, bring me a selection of postcards."


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