Thursday, 24 September 2009

A whiffling blog

I hope everyone is well this mid fourth week in September. Three bits of good or interesting news today, my new car will arrive at the garage tomorrow from the car maker ready for preparation and seven days free insurance starts today so they can tax it. Hopefully we can collect it early next week. I'll post a piccy of it when we get it, albeit what a boring way to occupy a spot on a blog. This is only the second new car I've had in my life and the sad thing is that the second I drive it out of the garage, it loses 15% (VAT) without even getting into second gear.

The second bit of good news for me, but not necessarily for him is that my friend Middle Aged Gapper is back from his Kenyan holiday and he has started writing about it on his entertaining blog,

The third bit of interest is a new book that arrived today from Amazon, two days before it is supposed to be published, The Wonder of Whiffling by Adam Jacot de Boinod. This a book about extraordinary words in the English language, like 'whiffling' itself, which has a number of meanings, but the ones I like are trifling or to blow or scatter with a gust of air.

I'm three quarters of the way through Dan Brown's book The Lost Symbol and is a very good read, and although I haven't finished it yet, the best one of his to date I think. I'll make the judgement when I'm finished.

We have new neighbours across the road, they moved in on Monday, but apart from a lady cleaning the insides of the windows and two cars on the drive, no sign of life to describe yet. Joan, the previous occupier, God rest her soul, was a smoker and at her great age, she smoked where she wanted to and that included inside the house. The nets are yellow but neat and clean if you know what I mean - she was a meticulous lady was Joan, a retired and widowed nurse born in Ireland but brought up in her formative years in Scotland from where she never lost her gentle but purposeful Scottish brogue.

Thanks to The Wonder of Whiffling, here is a selection of palindromes, words that read backwards the same as forwards.

no, it is opposition
Niagara, o roar again!
rats live on no evil star
nurse, I spy gypsies, run!
murder for a jar of red rum
harass sensuousness, Sarah
a man, a plan, a canal, Panama
sums are not set as a test on Erasmus
sir, I demand - I am a maid named Iris
a new order began, a more Roman age bred Rowena

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