Saturday, 19 September 2009

Life of a student...

Wow what a week - busy, busy, busy. I had an extra night at a new psychic circle which is interesting, concentrating on meditation techniques; a staff night out on Friday in Hull and we have been preparing all week to take the youngest to the University of Liverpool, from whence we have just returned after depositing him in halls. 240 miles driven, tea out tonight at a restaurant which was appalling (we have vowed never to go there again - the chef can't cook steaks although my salmon was superb) and visited the outlaws. I need a breather which I am taking whilst writing this.

My lad is only staying in halls for one year and I felt as if we were taking half the content of the house! The room is okay and he shares a bathroom with one other lad who is from Liverpool, in fact only lives two miles away from halls, so here's hoping that the become good friends, seems like a really nice kid. Mind you, there were some bloody sights - perhaps I am getting old, some of the girls were dressed like - well I'm a delicate soul - so I can't say; but hellfire!

One of my work colleagues who I was out with on Friday night mentioned that he had done his degree at Liverpool and said that it was a terrific friendly city and loads to do as a student, so I am sure he will be fine. We have already come home to find there are things he has forgotten to take, but it's too late now.

So my one day off tomorrow is packed with not doing a great deal I hope apart from pottering. The day is forecast to be bright and sunny and even warm, so I'll take a few leaves out of the fish ponds, perhaps cut the grass if the rain tonight isn't too heavy and start reading a new book I've bought, Dan Brown's new offering The Lost Symbol about the Freemasons in Washington, USA and secret treasure. I thought Angel's and Demon's which I have finished recently was not brilliant with peaks and troughs in an improbable story albeit cleverly sculptured.

I'm just about to sit and eat some home made apple crumble that my lad has made - but I'll only be having a teeny bit - think of the diet :(

Have a great weekend

Chat soon


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