Sunday, 6 September 2009


What started off as thinking we would have a quiet weekend did not quite turn out as expected. Saturday was the first day for many days that the rains stayed away and the grass got a good cut and a brief tidy round outside. This was coupled with an unexpected shopping trip, ordering some new car insurance and an unexpected evening sorting our finances out on the Internet, as well as a cleaning day inside.

Today (Sunday) started with a new internal double glazed double door being fitted to replace an old sliding door arranged at short notice and a new doorstep built outside the back door also at short notice which meant being up at 7.30 am. To cap it all, my wife heard that an elderly friend of hers has died - she was very ill but her passing was unexpected. I've still got to do some shopping at the local Staples store for my lad for equipment for University and roast pork is in the oven as I type this blog (drool,) and in between catering for the builders with cups of tea, I managed to 'clean up' my PC by deleting redundant and temporary files.

So, the most exciting picture of the weekend is of our new back door step! Enjoy. The notice by the way reads "Do not stand on the step until Monday (except the dog!)" I just hope the dog can read and realise she can stand on it.

That about sums up our exciting lives - busy but domestic and routine(ish), which perhaps is how it should be. I even missed most of the England Vs Slovakia friendly to keep our respective bank managers happy.
Tonight might be more relaxing after the treadmill watching some of the Beatles shows recorded on Sky+ yesterday.

Hope you have a great week ahead.

Chat soon


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  1. I'm sorry to hear about your wifes friend.
    It sounds like you are very busy. Hope the dog learns to read soon.