Saturday, 26 September 2009

The best laid schemes of mice and men...

What a glorious day - the sun has shone throughout, what a shame we didn't have this at the height of summer - but not complaining.

I should have shifted some rockery stones we obtained from an acquaintance who no longer has a need for them but the new car arrived today slightly unexpectedly, I thought it would be early next week, so we have that proudly sat on the drive and it took me 10 minutes just to work out how to set the bluetooth up on the phone so I can drive and talk hands free. Many of the features are voice activated which was a shock, but for a change unlike other voice activating systems, this actually works without repeatedly asking you the same question over and over again until it gets it.

While attempting to read the handbook for some of the more obscure features the car has, I had Gillette Soccer Saturday on Sky Sports 1 this afternoon hosted by the exceptional Geoff Stelling. I had to endure the ignominy of commentators describing Hull City being thrashed 6 - 1 by an in-form Liverpool side at Anfield. Not that I'm a supporter you understand, but being the team closest to where I live, I have always followed them with interest and I hate to see them humiliated like they have been this season.

The manager Phil Brown is a nice guy and has achieved a miracle in taking Hull City through the Championship to the Premiership, but clearly, Phil is not the man to see the survival of the team in the top echelon of European soccer. He's obviously an exceptional Championship man, but the time has come to move on. City supporters should give thanks for what he's achieved and allow him to move on with dignity to another challenge more suited to his skills and abilities.

Who's available to take the mantle and challenge of keeping Hull City in the Premiership and making it a team that has consistency and can sustain a life in the Premiership? Who knows, but I hope they come soon before the situation becomes unrecoverable.

I've been looking at having another pond in the garden to be home to pond plants rather than fish. The current ponds are so successful at growing plants they are growing too fast and I have had to discard some that I haven't been able to give away, so I thought a nursery might be good and it would be a semi wildlife pond for the animals we have around.

That's now changed after a visit to an imports place in Hull when we were looking for chimineas this morning. Instead we've bought a small fountain arrangement which sits in a circular wall arrangement. Oh well the best laid plans... so I'm now having to arrange a flat concrete base to be laid to cope with it all. We still couldn't find a chiminea we like either.

Alcohol isn't something I've been able to have in quantity in the last few months because of the diet, except for the odd sherbet here and there. However, I'll remember the taste fondly with some memorable quotes from the famous and not so famous about the nations favourite past time - booze:

"It is bad when you refer to alcohol as: 'Pain go bye-bye juice.'" - Patton Oswalt.
"Booze is the answer. I don't remember the question." - Denis Leary.
"Beer. Helping ugly people have sex since 1863" - Slogan on a T shirt.
"May favourite drink is a cocktail of carrot juice and Whiskey. I am always drunk but can see for miles." - Roy Chubby Brown.
"My idea of fine wine was one that merely stained my teeth without stripping the enamel." - Clive James.
"Wine - very nice. I wonder how they got the cat to sit on the bottle." - Stephen Fry.
"The last mosquito to bite me had to book into the Betty Ford Clinic" - Patsy Stone - Absolutely Fabulous (BBC)
"I was in love with a beautiful blonde once. She drove me to drink. I never had the courtesy of thanking her." - WC Fields.

And the final word goes to Edmund Blackadder who, when rousing from a hangover said, "My head feels as though there's a Frenchman living in it."

Chat soon


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