Tuesday, 29 September 2009

"Get those knees up - HIGHER!"

Boy, have I let myself in for it!

I went to the works physical education trainer today on the advice from the work occupational health nurse who is monitoring my weight, to help along the work I'm doing on the treadmill and my diet. I need to tone and lose weight on those bits that walking and dieting don't really reach and I was hoping he could gently point me in the right direction.

A lovely bloke and very helpful, he sat there, muscular, sweating from a recent work out and not even breathing heavily.

It started well when, after he asked me some questions about health, weight and diet etc., he asked me if I liked swimming. 'This will be easy,' I thought, a few lengths now and then in the baths - a doddle.

I started to worry slightly when he said he'd work out a programme for me. How do you work out a programme of torture - isn't that illegal?

Anyway, I have ended up with a programme of exercise in addition to the treadmill, which I have begun to enjoy, and now includes:

Press ups;
Shoulder presses;
Chest presses;
Lunges (what the hell are lunges?);
Box jumps (or steps if I "don't feel comfortable jumping.")

Just a few, not many, just five of each repeated three times. Fortunately he's given me a piece of paper which explains what the exercises are, illustrated with pictures of very fit, young, healthy looking people demonstrating their physical prowess.

Well, I'm a determined individual and like a challenge (mostly) so starting tomorrow, Wednesday, I'll give it a go. There's a disabled bay at work so I can always crawl to the door on Thursday morning. Perhaps I should hire a bath chair. Don't laugh!

How do you get a man to exercise? Tie the remote control to his shoelaces.
How do men exercise on the beach? By sucking in their stomach every time they see a bikini.

Chat soon



  1. Well done RLS. Another step along an epic journey. I admire your determnation to keep finding ways to shed the pounds and get fitter. Amazing how far you've come since January.