Tuesday, 8 June 2010

I'd love to go out with you but...

The holiday in sunny (actually it's raining) Portugal beckons and unless there is a computer at the hotel, this will be my last blog for a few days. I know the garden needs the rain, but it hasn't stopped here for what seems days - and more to come this week! The garden is very green right now and the ferns, naturally forest plants, are loving it (not that they've confided in me you understand, but they look good).

Preparation for holidays is always interesting and there are no children with us this year, they are staying at home. As two of my three children read this blog, they will know that I hope that when I get back, they keep from me tales of falling out and any petty mindedness at the list of tasks I've set them for while we are away and that the house is tidy and clean when we get back. Sometimes the phrase we use in my business, 'You don't know what you don't know' is apt. The list is not extensive:
  • Put the bins out when needed;
  • Water the house plants (only eight);
  • Water the hanging baskets (only three);
  • Put food in the bird feeders (only two);
  • Feed the fish in the ponds (I've put food for every day into little pots... sad or what);
  • Hoover round (once will do - preferably in the hours before we come back).
We will be shopping on Wednesday trying to second guess what we can leave in the fridge & freezer for them for meals and snacks.

We're taking minimum clothes, I'm taking three books, an iPod, my camera and my drawing things. This is going to be a generally lazy holiday.

My last psychic circle last night for two weeks was very successful with some good lengthy detailed mediumship messages and one pastel drawing of a young spirit woman who had met a violent death in her early twenties possibly in West Yorkshire (UK) in the 1960s and who was found in water near a bridge with two arches (very rare occurrence for me to get that sort of contact - not pleasant - in many ways, very sad!) Thanks to Shirley Ann for her continued support in my development. I'll be doing plenty of meditation while I'm away and this will lend itself nicely to the relaxing nature of the holiday.

It's a while since I did a list, but here are a few handy excuses for getting out of that date with someone you really don't want to go out with:

*I'd love to go out with you but...
I have to worm my dog;
I want to spend more time with my blender;
I'm staying at home to work on my cottage cheese sculpture;
I'm being deported;
None of my socks match;
My plot to take over the world is gathering pace;
I have to study for my blood test;
I'm going to count the bristles in my toothbrush;
I have to check the sell by dates on my cheese selection;
I'm teaching my ferret to yodel.

Have a good week.

Chat soon

*Thanks to Geoff Tibballs


  1. Have a lovely time. I went to Portugal (Algarve) at Easter once - you remember, the Easter it snowed all over Europe. Hopefully you'll have a warmer time than I did.

  2. Now I want to meet your yodelling ferret! Have an amazing time in Portugal x

  3. Thx Diane - it's forecast rain and if I get snow, I'll post some to you :(
    Hi Auntigwen, ah the yodelling ferret - it's a hell of a job getting him to hit the c#, but a pair of pliers do come in handy.
    Looking forward to the break