Tuesday, 29 June 2010

On Course...

I'm just watching Japan and Paraguay about to go into penalties in the World Cup - real tension at last.

My head is a little fried at the moment after two full days on my 'Leadership Course' in the Midlands. I'm off for tea and a stroll in the local area on a circular walk for which the organisers kindly prepared a map. 5 Km should chill me out with some decent iPod music.

So far we've looked at:

Cultural audit on organisations;
Emotional Intelligence;
Adult Learning Cycle;
Action Learning Sets;
Myers Briggs Type Indicator (I'm ISTJ apparently);
Belbin Team Roles;
Leadership styles.

Lots more to come.

There are great people (19 of them) from around the UK on the course and it's very interesting hearing their experiences and I'm learning about me too. Food is good (always important) and accomodation is great.

Last night it poured down, really hard, it woke me up but when I got out this morning, it was bone dry. I understand from colleagues that their families 'up north' reported thunderstorms last night.

As I sign this off, Paraguay have shot themselves into the quarter finals for the first time in their history. Goodbye Japan.

Chat soon


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