Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Summer's eve stroll

Wow, two blogs in one day - a rare event for me, but I thought I'd share with you a walk I've taken tonight in the countryside of Warwickshire between Rugby and Coventry. This was around 7Km (originally 5Km but I extended it a bit,) and set off on a main road and into a country park with lakes. This is beautifully maintained with good cinder tracks and three lovely lakes in fact with seats strategically placed around the walk donated by families of deceased people as memorials.

Skylarks twittered and hovered above my head and rabbits grazed on grass paths which led off into the countryside. Just the odd jogger and cyclist made themselves known and they passed by oblivious to my presence. Newly shorn sheep grazed in one field and horses could be found in a second and cows in a third field.
Eventually, the cinder track found the main road again and although that was a little hairy for about half a mile, there was no footpath on this 60 mph limit and the grass verge was narrow, but then that led to the quaintly named village of Bubbenhall. Quaint it is with olde worlde cottages with typical cottage gardens and Tudor fronted houses and at least two country pubs!

Hedgerows were extensive and healthy.

Passed the village sports field and onto a long country track, little used by walkers, more a route for farm machines, passing by fields of crops, no litter, no sound of traffic, just more skylarks, crows passing by and scores of bees and butterflies. As the tracked turned at right angles, a well kept farm track led me back to the main road I'd started on one hour forty minutes previously.
The mass of field side wild plants are a haven for insects and this plant was full of caterpillars which will eventually turn into red cinnabar moths.

I looked behind me and the sky was glorious as the sun started to become watery and dip in the sky.
What a great way to spend a balmy summer's evening, a shame in many ways to be on my own, but it gives me time to relax and chill.

Chat soon



  1. Wow, those caterpillars are great.

  2. Thanks Diane, the Lumix has one of those intelligent settings for unintelligent people like me and it gets VERY close and automatically recognises a macro setting. Having said all that, they were very good subjects and kept very still for me and I didn't even ask, unlike the bee on the next plant which would not stay long enough in one place for me to snap him/her.