Thursday, 1 July 2010

Hoping for a sunny July

White rabbit, white rabbit, white rabbit - hello July.

Four fifths of my course done now in sunny Warwickshire and looking forward to trekking back to God's own county tomorrow afternoon, equally as sunny I hope, Yorkshire - home. As the day's learning has finished and got back to my room, I've just seen Serena Williams storm to victory at Wimbledon; my goodness she's a powerful machine!

By the way, aren't our youngsters (GBR) doing so well at Wimbledon, champions in the making.

Well the newest learning experiences in leadership have been:

Leadership exercises (team work, group dynamics and problem solving);
Intrapreneurial Leadership (one step on from entrepreneurial);
Ethics and leadership;
Values based decision making;
Negotiate and Influence;

Tomorrow we'll finish on 'principles for change' and 'planning for success'.

Boy, do I need my weekend off.

I went for another (shorter) walk last night around the lakes nearby and sat and relaxed on a bench and drew a landscape of a lake and practised portraits. There were a few more people around because it was so nice I guess and what was lovely was that everyone said hello and stopped to pass the time of day with a stranger - me. We were all enjoying the benefits of mother nature as well as landscaped and beautifully maintained countryside.

Ironically, I was told that the lakes were man made quarries originally, must have been many years ago, but they are now a thriving home of a vast array of birds, insects, trees and plants and one guy told me the lakes were full of fish. Well done to whoever was responsible; a lesson to be learned by others about protecting and enhancing our environment.

I've had the pleasure of watching a filmed radio show on my iPod Touch this week on an evening which I would thoroughly recommend as a real laugh and a real fun time. This is one hour and 45 minutes of hilarity in front of a live audience at a theatre: "I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue" hosted by the late Humphrey Lyttelton, whose comic timing was exceptional. He was aided and abetted by Barry Cryer and Graeme Garden as well as Tim Brooke-Taylor and Jeremy Hardy.

Chat soon



  1. The lakes sound lovely. I hope your July is better than ours. So far it's been a total washout.

  2. when we went on our walk - I know what you mean about strangers saying 'hello', it was really nice especially after living on our street, you forget that there are still decent people out there.
    Josie x

  3. Hi Val, you deserve plenty of sunshine after the winter and spring you've had, crossing my fingers for you.

    Hi Josie, there are good people in the world, thank goodness; hope the new move improves the quality of life - fingers crossed for you too.