Friday, 30 July 2010

Found McBurney's Point, (It's not in Cornwall)

Now I'm not a fanatical social animal at all. I guess that's from many many years of simply not being able to afford to go to the pubs etc etc., so I (we) are well out of practice and I really don't miss it at all. Our social life is fairly gentle and the odd 'do' at work often compensates in pleasant evenings around the very nice bars in the 'middle-aged' circuits in towns and city nearby, once in a Sheffield flood.

Tonight was going to be one of those nights with colleagues in Beverley, an East Riding market town. Except, my middle son, it appears, probably has appendicitis. We collected him from work tonight because he wasn't well and my wife took him straight to hospital where the latest text says he is waiting to see the surgeon for confirmation of the diagnosis. So, I'll cheerfully leave my colleagues with it and no doubt hear the tales from them on Monday.

I have the time, just in case you are thinking, to write this as I cook tea for the rest of the family while my other half is with him at Hull Royal Infirmary. You see I can multi task (I can smell burning!!!)


After putting the fire out in the kitchen (not really, but the waffles were a bit crispy) I went to the hospital to see the boy and he's having his appendix out tonight or tomorrow.

Ah well. The weekend hasn't started too well has it and to cap it all, I got wet because it's pouring down with albeit much needed rain? In fact, even the grass verges, which have looked greenish are now looking decidedly straw coloured. But there is one thing, the geraniums in the garden are glorious, they obviously love the dry weather.

Having a much needed cuppa - ahhhhhhhhhh - and need to keep an eye on the Euro Millions to see if can get a share of the £23M.

Chat Soon



  1. Hope the boy makes a very speedy recovery xx

  2. Hi Auntiegwen
    Thanks for the thought