Friday, 23 July 2010

Purrfect Mewsic

Let me say right from the start of this blog that I am not animal mad. Mad? yes, an animal? not any more, animal-mad? definitely not.

Nevertheless, the household routine has descended to a temporary stutter while two new additions to the family are slowly introduced into our lives. And, like the rest I've been mesmerised by their antics and already their characters have been established.

Say hello to Jack and Jill. Rescue cats born at the end of April and despite their very similar looks, they were born three days apart and are from two different litters. Our do
g died this year which was very sad, but I've had a cat since I was born apart from ten years while the dog reined. The cats were not supposed to appear until the end of October, but my other half fell in love with these two whilst at the vets getting the budgies claws clipped so we took the dive and I gave my blessing, much to her surprise.

They've seen a squirrel for the first time in their lives and the squirrel was more than interested in them too, albeit
through the window. The boy (who is smaller) likes tea and both like climbing curtains. The budgies got some attention on the first day, but interest in them is waning, for now anyway. So there we are. Here are some early pics.

I've been thinking about music for the last couple of days and in particular my singing days when I was a teenager firstly in a mixed voice choir and then in a male voice choir - fun days and I'll be reminiscing over the weekend on that topic.

Just a short blog today and here are some groan-worthy cat puns:

How do you know when a cat has eaten a duck?

It's a little down in the mouth.

Did you hear about the cat who swallowed a ball of wool?

It had mittens.

Why did the cat join the Red Cross?

It wanted to be a first aid kit.

Why are cats so fond of music?

Because they are mewsical.

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  1. Have two cats myself, Sniff, who've had for 9 years - invited herself in through the kitchen window, never left. Smudge, who's about 18 months old and who's been with us since March last year. His majesty invited himself..... ect.

    And last, and as far as the cats are concerned, Sigma. The Dog, otherwise known as "oy, stupid" who is 2 Months, 3 weeks and 1 day old. Notice they have names beginning with 'S'? That's nothing, my wife and kids names all begin with 'A', so things are looking up!

    I don't have cats. They have us. :)

    D'y'think there's any truth in that owners look like their pets?

  2. Hi Wheelie, I've seen lots of pictures where owners look EXACTLY like their pets. You are so right that cats have us exactly where they want us don't they, as slaves. There are now four 'J's in the house.
    Have a great weekend