Saturday, 31 July 2010

What's your Colour?

My son has had his appendix removed today and is now recovering in hospital. All has gone well thank goodness.

The last day of July and I've been thinking, what do colours mean to you? I was prompted to ask the question because of the lovely summer colours that abound in the community right now, green trees, bright flowers and people with colourful outfits.

What's your favourite colour?

Mine's green and that probably comes from my junior school days when I belonged to the 'green' house; we wore coloured sashes during sport: green, yellow, red or blue.

The psychic world uses colour all the time, yellow for the mind, intelligence, wisdom and learning, green for healing, harmony and the heart, pale blue for communication, honesty, faith and music, deeper blues for the psychic, intuition and the spiritual are just a few.

If you were to assign a colour to each day of the week, what would they be?

Here's a few thoughts of my own.


Monday's child, fair of face. This is the least favourite day of the week and I can understand that, particularly after a good weekend, workers least look forward to getting back to the grind. Still, a lot of work gets done as the new week presents itself and the momentum starts to gather pace. Washing, drying, ironing. Although people don't look forward to it, the day itself is a mixture of stuttering and starting, so for me, the mixture of feelings is a mixture of colours, blue and red which ends up as purple - a dreamy day.


Tuesday's child is full of grace. The week is fully underway with the tiredness of Monday out of the way and the plan for the rest of the week is clearer, the mind is in the right frame and things are achieved in the home and at work. This is a blue day,almost a non-day.


Wednesday's child is full of woe. Mid week entertainment is taken for reward and for a break and the memory of 'Monday feelings' are long forgotten. Work and projects in the home and workplace are routine and embedded and don't take too much thought as the routine has kicked in. This, for me, is the solid, bright and for the child, an emotional orange day (nothing to do with 'Orange Wednesday'.)


Thursday's child has far to go. Hints at the weekend are in the mind and the pace of life speeds up as things need doing in the next couple of days and planning for the next break invades our thoughts. Good time to meet people and communicate because the thought processes are clearer. Leisure is important now and chances are taken because there's only one day left needed to recover. Hoovering, dusting, lunch with friends. A precision day, a sparkling electric blue.

Friday (Yellow Friday!)

Friday's child is loving and giving. Here it is, the last day of the productive week for most and even for those not at work, the weekend is upon us. Work is completed, early in some cases, plans are made, a good day for thinking and looking forward to days and nights out with family life coming together. A bright day, intelligence, anticipation, happy and definitely yellow.


Saturday's child works hard for a living. This is a real mixed day of personal achievement and relaxation, doing what you want to do in your own time. Shopping, garden, odd jobs, sport, decorating, shorts and sandals, entertaining, cooking, visiting, pub, pictures, television, nights in, late nights, lie ins. This is my very own green personal day for getting re-balanced.


A child born on the Sabbath day is fair and wise and good and gay. For those not working, a day of leisure, a throw back from days of a stronger sense of Biblical duty. No rush to do anything much. Bacon & Eggs, tea and toast in bed, church, wash the car, Sunday supplements, Sunday best, ride in the car, out for a walk, ice cream, Sunday roast, relaxing, Sunday night drama on the TV, early to bed... ready for... Monday. This is my red day, for passion, indulgence, a restrengthening and refreshing of the soul and for body and self.

The picture above is a Microsoft XP stock picture - thanks to them for the rainbow.

Chat soon



  1. Glad your son is recovering well.

    My favourite colour is cream, the colour I wear most often is black or charcoal grey if I'm feeling particularly frivilous !

  2. Hi Auntiegwen, enjoy your trip to see the mother and techno dad. Cream, such a good colour. Black is a hardy favourite of mine which can be very useful particularly as I am not the featherweight the BMI index says I should be.