Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Book Worm

My other half has been away for three days over the last weekend from Friday until Sunday tea time on her religious jaunt to Leeds for a conference where she acts as one of a number of carers to the predominantly aged audience in case of an emergency.

This gave me a weekend to myself, more or less, after having waded through the list of 'things to do.' So a Saturday lunch with two very good friends which lasted over an hour and a half was a wonderful distraction to domesticity and an even greater distraction was spending an hour browsing in the local Waterstones book shop which was packed to the gunnels, followed by a cappuccino and for a treat, a slice of carrot cake (£2 a slice).

Books are still such an important part of my life. I have hundreds of books and I give most of the fiction books away once I've read them to friends or my sister in law who then passes them on to her husbands workplace 'library.' I have tried to read on-line and it's difficult to sit at a pc and read - I soon get distracted. I have a few audio books on my iPod which is okay, if you can find a good book read by someone with an interesting voice. One audio book I have is Jerome K Jerome's
Three Men in a Boat read by the hugely entertaining and highly versatile Hugh Laurie. Not only is the book good, Laurie makes it captivating.

On the other hand, I got Melville's
Moby Dick as an audio book and the voice of the American actor who read it was droll, boring and monotone which spoiled the enjoyment and characters remained bland an uninteresting as a result. Reading the reviews given by fellow purchasers on iTunes is very useful indeed.

I read the blogs of a couple of local writers and they are very interesting indeed, entertaining too, but I guess that's something to do with the characters of the bloggers themselves as well, but reading local books is just as important as reading a well known and established author.

What did I buy in Waterstones? I bought a Penguin book of
Pocket Jokes - no, not jokes about pockets. I bought an AA CityPack guide to Las Vegas and one for San Francisco (we're going there in October for four days in each place). Two CJ Sansom novels based at the time of Henry Vlll with Matthew Shardlake as a lawyer and private detective, Dark Fire and Dissolution. Although I've read the Lord of the Rings triology about three times (apt) I've never read Tolkien's The Hobbit, which I should have read first so as that was on a 2 for 3 offer, I picked that up too.

My final purchase was Simon Hughes,
And God Created Cricket billed as an 'irreverent history of the greatest game on earth,' which, after watching one of the most boring games of football for ages during the World Cup Final, I am sure is correct.

So there we have it. Plenty to go at for the next few weeks.

I was reminded today of two Les Dawson jokes:

'The wife's mother said, "When you're dead, I'll dance on your grave." I said, "Good, I'm being buried at sea!"'

'The wife's mother said, "How would you like to have a chat with me?" I said, "Through a medium!"'

Enjoy the week.

Chat soon


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  1. I can spend hours browsing in a bookshop. Borders used to be my favourite but I think they've closed down :-(