Thursday, 8 July 2010

Too cold, too hot?

I hope this blog finds you well and enjoying this warm balmy weather. Some people are complaining it's too hot! Can't win; they've been complaining about the snow and cold and now it's too hot. I wonder if it's a British character trait? Last night I did my meditation outside in the back garden and at 10.30 pm it was still 20 degrees Celsius with no breeze and glimmer of light still in the western sky. Beautiful.

The noise from Barton Bike night was going on until quite late, but this wasn't distracting, in fact noise can be incorporated into meditation so it doesn't become distracting.

Barton Bike Night is held at Barton in North East Lincolnshire, just across the River Humber and the Humber Bridge and has been taking place for about 14 years. This village (or very small town) attracts motorcyclists from as far away as Poland one night a year and the population of 10,000 increases to 20,000 in one fell swoop for one night only. They come to admire the vast range of motorcycles, get royally entertained by the villagers of Barton and then disappear into the night for another year and it's all very well behaved and good humoured.

It brings much needed cash into the economy and apart from the odd light shower, the weather was kind to them.

I haven't spoken too much about my spiritual life lately, but in just a few words, it steams ahead with a regular weekly circle with Shirley Ann in Hornsea and a fortnightly circle with Margot literally just down the road from me in Hessle, East Yorkshire. I'm just planning another paranormal investigation to be held in early August in Hull and the psychic art is still moving forward.
I will be planning to do the second part of my Reiki in a couple of months, once I've arranged this with the tutor Maureen.

I've heard today from a class colleague from the Arthur Findlay College The Spirit, the Psychic and the Artist course in Essex that I attended earlier in the spring. Stefanie from Germany, a talented photographer, sent some photographs she had taken during the course, it was lovely to hear from her.

I was talking to my neighbour, my sister in law and we've both commented how things have changed in the garden this year. Since the floods in 2007 which devastated parts of our area in Yorkshire and other parts of the UK just as badly, the ground has been poor, the bugs voluminous, especially midges and greenfly and the flowers/shrubs not particularly exciting in quality.
This summer however after a solid and long cold winter, there are fewer bugs by FAR, the flowers are magnificent (I've got two roses that have not flowered at all for the last four or five years, this year they are full of bloom) and the weather seems consistently warm.

It seems the seasons have returned to what they should be and at the right time.

Finally, the best Yorkshire story can be found on the BBC online web site:

World Cup 2010: Englishman Howard Webb to referee final

In fact Howard Webb is in fact a Yorkshireman and the first English referee in a World Cup Final since Jack Taylor in 1974. Many congratulations.

Chat soon



  1. Too Too Hot for me, at the moment. My mind is at a stand still. Have you lost weight? You new picture is Great! What a handsome devil you are?

  2. Hi Jarmara, I've just come back from shopping in the city centre and it was stiflingly hot, fortunately, most of my time was spent with friends in a cafe for lunch and then I wandered round Waterstones, both of which were nicely air conditioned.
    Thanks I have lost some weight, but it's just levelled off so no more I don't think although I would like to. Thanks for the comments, a fiver is on its way!
    I would hope your seaside town gives you a nice off shore breeze to make it comfortable, you live in a gorgeous part of the world!
    Hope you are well.