Friday, 16 July 2010

Riddle me once, riddle me twice

I love the immediacy of blogs, the above picture was taken in my village about ten minutes ago as the sun sets on this showery day, and hey perhaps the old adage: 'red sky at night, shepherd's delight' may be true?

Here's a riddle for you

A precipitation of weather comes your way.
The solution? Add a "d" and it will run away.*
*Answer at the bottom of the blog.

After a few weeks of glorious grass browning summer, we have been beset by Atlantic low pressure systems running in wind and rain. The British Open Golf Championship was even temporarily suspended today because of the inclement weather.

I live in what could be called the Humber basin, on rising ground to the north of the river. It is odd, but we often have weather that is slightly different than our neighbours in the East Riding of Yorkshire. Clearly the river is an influence, so we often get fogs when lower ground doesn't, others bizarrely get frosts when we don't. If you look on the BBC weather maps for their forecasts, they usually have a patch of slightly different weather over the Humber area covering Hull, East Yorkshire, North Lincolnshire and North East Lincolnshire.

This makes for great conversations (as we Brits like to) on the weather, how it affects us and gives us the opportunity to complain whatever the weather!

I am always asked 'what's on for the weekend?' before I leave work on a Friday and my colleagues and I have a round-robin of our activities. One colleague is going to Doncaster (South Yorkshire, UK) with a friend to watch a snooker exhibition by great stars of the snooker world of yesteryear, then on to Nottingham the following day for some shopping with their respective wives.

My other (much younger) colleague and her new partner and friends are going to Leeds and visiting the Birdcage cabaret experience for the weekend of drinking, shopping and more drinking.

My weekend plan is cutting the grass on Saturday weather permitting! I know how to party. And yet, this must be an age thing, I am perfectly content to be at home with family around, reading, pottering and doing things around the house and doing things spontaneously. Although the weather forecast is not very good, the weather won't stop us doing what we want to in our own time.

I try not to watch too much television at any time, although when I walked into the living room last night a rugby league game was on. Now this is surprising because none of us are rugby league fans and don't know much about the game although my wife's family are fans. Hull FC Vs Hull Kingston Rovers was on Sky and what a cracking game of rugby it was - very exciting indeed. This is unique in the sport of rugby league in that this is the only genuine derby game in the game as both teams come from within a city's boundary. Hull are from the west of Hull and are known as the Airlie Birds and Kingson Rovers are from the East and are nicknamed the Robins, (hence their red kit).

By the way, don't ask me what an Airlie bird is or was, I suspect it is an imaginary creature, no-one seems to know! If you do, let me know. The picture (left) is from its very own Facebook page.

Chat soon




  1. lovely sunset picture, I love sunsets but that's only because I'm never up early enough for sunrise!

    Josie x

  2. Hi Josie, aren't they so beautiful but they last so little time.. Hope you're ok