Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Little Black Book

Well isn't the weather gorgeous, although there's a bit of high cloud scudding along, the temperature is warm and balmy? Good stuff and it's about time. I was doing some training in the summer of 1976 in North Yorkshire for ten weeks during the long HOT summer and can remember brown grass, a healthy tan and a relaxed atmosphere... what were you doing in 1976?

What were you doing on such and such date when this or that happened and people often say, "I remember what I was doing on the day when..." I can't remember what I did a week last Friday!

There are exceptions for me where memorable events are concerned. I can remember being at work when 9/11 happened and a woman ran into the office and told me to switch the tv on, something was happening, only for me to see the second plane hit the tower. There was something surreal and unbelievable about the whole thing, even now.

My lad came home from staying at his grandmothers the day Lady Diana's death was announced and I hadn't heard the news that morning and as I let him in the door he asked me if I'd heard the news and I thought he was having a bad joke and was about to give him a bollocking until he persuaded me to turn the tv on. I spent the whole day watching tv. I remember crying.

I don't keep a diary of the sort that you write down what you've done in your life or for appointments, because I've never needed to really, and at work I use the mighty MS Outlook and at home too for wedding anniversaries, birthdays and when to put the rubbish bins out. This blog is the nearest thing I've ever kept for a diary other than when I did my Reiki training for level one where you had to keep a diary of what you did and how you felt for 21 days after the training. I have read other people diaries (published of course - never personal ones) and Kenneth Williams was one of the most interesting - talk about a complex character - a psychologist or psychiatrist would have had a field day analysing that one.

Here's a couple of more photographs I took on hols... the first one shows (not very well - click on it to enlarge it) a wind surfer taken on a long zoom lens at the other end of the beach well off the water and he's lifted off the surface by the wind.

You know me and night shots, here's one along the beach across the dunes (no evening lovers there unfortunately) - very romantic, if not a little gritty.

I hope the week remains good for you, weather wise particularly, they reckon it may be 30 degrees Celsius or 86 degrees Fahrenheit on mainland UK over the weekend - cool (or not as the case may be.)

Chat soon


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