Sunday, 27 June 2010

Sunny side up! Unless you're an England fan

This beautiful balmy Sunday evening finds me safely ensconced in a room at a training venue somewhere in the Midlands, near Coventry in the centre of the UK. The journey was an easy one along four motorways and then the byways of the West Midlands. I'm here for the week leaving the family at home with a list of 'things to do,' you know, water hanging baskets, feed the fish, put the bin out on such and such a day.

I managed to spend some time in the garden today before setting off after tea and have enjoyed the reported 28 degrees Celsius and sunny skies. Four new perennials were planted out in the semi shade this morning and I hope they survive the bedding in process. I've had to water the grass with the sprinkler as the first signs of grass stress were beginning to show. It looks fine, but being away, I won't see the results of the hard work making the garden looking in a reasonable state for at least another week.

I'm watching the Argentina Vs Mexico World Cup game as I type this and it's been very entertaining. Unlike the dreadful spectacle of an England side which wasted 90 minutes of my life watching uninspired, uncommitted, highly unimaginative drudgery. I won't go on, I don't need to but England were beaten by three things: a woeful, inept performance; a very good German side; and although its almost not relevant, the decision by FIFA supremo Sepp Blatter not to have goal line technology in major competitions. The fact that an England shot went over the goal line by two feet and was not spotted by the five officials doesn't mask the fact that England were, frankly, rubbish. Blatter nevertheless should be ashamed and should consider his future.

I hope you have a great week and have a chance to catch a bit of the sun.

Chat soon


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