Sunday, 13 June 2010

Too Cold for Comfort...

The weather's turned sunny at last on the Algarve and I've found the apostrophy on this Portugese keyboard. Those who follow this blog of sorts know I'm a people watcher and my goodness, you could write a book at what you see - how the other half live! This includes a 60 (ish) year old very posh unattached Englishman who clearly prefers the company of males and makes no secret of it, if you get my drift. Now this is fine, but he has been giving me the eye too on the odd occasion my other half wanders off to the loo or to buy a cuppa.

Then there's the Portugese couple who clearly have a 'I'm the boss thing' where he always walks five yards ahead of her.

The hotel is full of Portugese people, the Irish, English and German. Everyone is so relaxed, almost horizontal and the kids are allowed to do what they like, but it's not that sort of 'bloody kids' syndrome, they are all having fun.

I'm reading a book called 'The Power of NOW' by Eckhart Tolle. It's a bit cerebral for a holiday, but its about living in the now. Complicated. Nevertheless, it's very positive and one of the things it teaches you is that when you learn to live in the now, negativity washes over you, you can't actually experience it. However there are just a couple of negative things out of what is a very positive experience across here and one is, the swimming pool is too bloody cold. No-one uses it except some hardy little kids who clearly feel no pain. Adults, like me, get in up to their nether regions in the shallow end and then bottle out and leave without getting wet above the bikini line, (I've had mine done.) There is an indoor pool which is heated but is about the size of my bath - too crowded for two.

The entertainment is okay on an evening at the hotel, a series of singers and keyboard musicians some of whom are very good. I wouldn't watch them on the tv at home, but there's something compulsive about sitting in the lounge with a white wine listening to the inane chatter of people ignoring the artists and politely clapping at the end as if it's the right thing to do.

The BBC forecast for here is good for the rest of the week and the tan is progressing nicely. Lets hope the England performance improves vastly over their dismal 1 - 1 draw against the USA. Everyone except the English were highly amused at the goalkeeping debacle which gave the USA a share of the points. An American friend
Sharla Rae made the following comment on my Facebook at the end of the game, "A tie is like kissing your sister." I think she is absolutely right.

Hope everyone is doing okay, keeping in touch with Facebook and the blog when I remember. Take care.

Chat soon


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