Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Misty Shores

What was supposed to be a special day for me today has had the shine wiped off it by the dreadful news from Cumbria in the UK on the shooting dead of a number of innocent people, apparently on the street. I am so appalled, I can't bring myself to discuss it. My thoughts are with those who are directly affected by this tragedy and for the community.

The sun is shining here and the breeze is warm. I went to Hornsea (East Yorkshire) last night after a days rain and walked along the beach north towards Bridlington. It was a foggy evening and so never got any drawing done as intended, mainly because it was so damp in the air, but at least got some exercise. We saw the carcass of a seal, a dead small dogfish and a strange bird which didn't seem at all intimidated by our group and posed for a photograph. The research indicates it might be a Gannet, but if you know different, let me know.

The east coast is normally a haven for birds and they appear plentiful and although there were a few common gulls around in the fog, this lonely bird was having a rest on the sand next to a breakwater.

The forecast for the weekend is fantastic and I hope you enjoy it - don't forget to slap on the cream!

No story today - why would you want to listen to one? Sorry.

Chat soon

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  1. Looks like it might be a first summer gannet, if so it'll lose the darker feathers for next year when its own mating season will begin.

    It was very sad news from Cumbria. And last week too when the coach crashed.

  2. Hi Diane, thanks for the confirmation on the Gannet front. The gun isssue is very emotive and whilst I am not necessarily in favour of banning them, I was dumbfounded when the gun lobby spokesman said on television on the night this atrocity happened that the reason for not banning them is that we wouldn't be able to take part in the shooting events in the Olympics or host them in this country. Hmmmmm 13 lives or the Olympics? Like there's a choice.

  3. Just thought I'd check and if you go here and click on the 3rd picture, I think their immature gannet looks just like yours. :o)

    I know lots of people with guns, and while I don't necessarily agree with it, they don't all go around killing people. As usual, it's the minority that get all the coverage, and if we ban guns because they're dangerous and people could get killed, where do we stop? Cars kill people, so do knives. Etc, etc.

    The man had several guns, it seems, and it was a random shooting with some specific targets. But I don't think they'll ever know why he did it unless they find a letter.

    It's very sad.

  4. # a mostly random shooting with some specific targets as well ... (bad English).

  5. Hi Diane
    I agree, you make a common sense arguement as always. My quote from the gun lobby man was an attempt to highlight how trivial his arguement was which did no credit to the gun lobby nor to all the farmers who really do need guns in some cases and everyone else who lawfully own a gun and treat them with respect.

    Thanks for the gannet link, it was so docile, I thought it might be ill, but the fog had probably grounded it. It probably came from the nearby Bempton Cliffs which I guess are about 7 or 8 miles as the crow (or gannet) flies.

  6. It was very sad about Cumbria....and leaves a lot of unanswered questions.

    Lovely photos.

  7. Hi Val
    Many thx for the comment - yes it is sad indeed. I couldn't capture the composition as I wanted them, but they sort of portray the sense of how the beach felt at that time.