Saturday, 21 August 2010

Eh Up, How's Thee?

Not blogged for a week, it’s been very busy indeed what with one thing and another, but work is busy and making me more tired than usual.

I was musing the other day however what it meant to be a Yorkshireman. Don’t groan if you’re not from Yorkshire, there’s a question for you at the end and your contribution about your own roots is very welcome.

Yorkshire, the biggest county in the UK, for those not in the UK, it consists of four counties, East Yorkshire (where I am) North Yorkshire, South Yorkshire and West Yorkshire and all four make up the one generic ‘Yorkshire’ area. In years gone past there were three ‘Ridings’ – meaning three, probably from ‘thirdings,’ East Riding, where the council still calls it as such, West Riding and North Riding.

What does it mean to be a Yorkshire person? I guess that varies from person to person and whether or not you dwell in the past, present or both. I am one who values the past, but very much lives in the present. Here’s a list of Yorkshire connections and see whether or not they mean anything to you in your daily life; some you will know very well, other less well – they are in no particular order.

Yorkshire Pudding, Illkley Moor (with or without your hat,) Scarborough Fayre,
Def Leopard, Humber Bridge, Sheffield Steel,
Yorkshire Play House, Alan Bennett, The Shambles,
Aire & Calder Canal, Rother Valley, The Barnsley Poet,
York Minster, Leeds United, Gordon Banks,
Giggleswick, White Rose, Fountain’s Abbey,
Betty’s Tea Rooms, Richard lll, Whitby Abbey,
Yorkshire Dales, Spurn Point, Sir Patrick Stewart,
Beverly Minster, Andrew Marvel, Hull Kingston Rovers,
Last of the Summer Wine, William Wilberforce, Tetley’s Beer,
Mick Ronson, Yorkshire TV, Monty Python’s four Yorkshiremen sketch,
Beautiful South, Rowntrees chocolates, Pontefract Racecourse,
Geoffrey Boycott, Bronte Country, Pennines,
Castle Howard, David Hockney, Yorkshire County Cricket Club,
Wensleydale cheese, Rhubarb Triangle, Emmerdale.

There are thousands of others of a similar nature, I’ve just picked a few you might have heard of.

Now it’s your turn, no matter where you are from in the world, even if you are not a registered follower, please spend two minutes with just one of the most famous things that others in the world may know from where you either live or from where you were born and add a comment below. I am very grateful – it would be lovely to hear from you.

Have a great weekend

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  1. I'm a Brummie ... We had the car industry once. We breed comedians and musicians, and of course we had the Chamberlains. And Angela Lansbury's dad, so I guess we breed politicians too. Birmingham isn't as old as people think as it grew out of the industrial revolution. Cadbury, we invented Cadbury. I can't think of anything else on the hop, but I may return ...

  2. Hi Diane
    Angela Lansbury's dad and Cadbury - potent combination - thanks for your contribution, there must be more to the world other than Birmingham and Yorkshire?