Saturday, 14 August 2010

A Loveliness of Ladybirds

The cats have started to be allowed to venture into the garden. Their first tentative steps on wet grass was quite amusing, they didn't like it and ended up like dressage horses prancing up and down trying to find the patio.

They are getting more adventurous. Jack is the climber and has climbed most of the larger shrubs and smaller trees and thank goodness, he got himself down too. Jill, pictured above, found the fish pond in pretty quick time and she liked the waterfall upon which she is sat.

The plague of greenfly that everyone was talking about has come to a temporary stop while the weather suddenly dropped ten degrees and the rains came (at last). People at work have also been talking about there being no ladybirds about. Well, I was deadheading my dahlias today and found a whole loveliness of them (what a wonderful collective noun) feeding on the black fly. Great to see. In fact the whole garden is full of them.

I hope you are enjoying the weekend.

Chat soon



  1. Awww Jill is gorgeous.
    Wow at all your ladybirds, I've seen one this year.

  2. Hi Val, in fact, since I took that pic, I've discovered loads all over the place, I'll send you some. Hope you are all ok across there - more rain to come for us all this lovely summer.

  3. Jack and Jill are beautiful. (I'm scrolling backwards in your blog for a longer taste of Yorkshire.) I volunteer at the cat shelter and we have three or four beautiful ginger cats and they have very sweet natures. But the kittens always get adopted first.