Sunday, 29 August 2010

It's NOT Cricket Sir...

Autumn has definitely arrived. There are strong winds, my grass is full of leaves and the flowers are looking jaded. When the BBC weatherman mentioned a 'touch of frost' last night you know that the time for checking the central heating clock is upon us.

I guess that's something to do with age. My own medicine would normally be 'put a jumper on' and save a few bob on heating bills, but I'd rather go into a warm bathroom and a warm, dry towel at 6.30 in a morning.

I won't dwell on this today, but waking up to the news that there are allegations of spot betting fixing in the England Vs Pakistan 4th test at Lords leaves a real sour taste in the mouth. Spot betting isn't about the outcome of the match, but about what you do during the game, like when to bowl a no ball, or allow yourself to be bowled out. This may not have an effect on the outcome of the match but hits at the very heart of the integrity of this great game. As I watch the teams come out to play this morning's session, the commentator said that it was a '...gloomy day at Lords, in more ways than one' So true.

I bought a new lens for my camera over the weekend so I need to go and get a new camera bag. I'm taking the opportunity to nip in and use Sunday shopping to get a new bag and have a Chinese lunch at one of these places where you can eat as much as you like for £7. I won't be eating masses because I'm still being careful, but having a variety of food is a real treat.

The 'new' cats are in a playful mood today and are play-fighting each other and for the first time they have both been chasing their own tales which is indeed hilarious and good entertainment. They have been out in the garden, under supervision and Jack has already been to the top of the Norway Maple tree, some 30 feet in the air.

On Friday night, a work colleague who was starting her maternity leave held a 'leaving do' at an Italian restaurant in Beverley and my meal which (in English) was Mediterranean chicken was sublime and not too expensive. The group (I don't know, probably twenty) went to a very nice but noisy pub afterwards and again, I realised that my age stood in the way of having a good time and I left early leaving them to socialise in a very noisy, crowded and hot pub.

Hope you have a great Bank Holiday weekend (in England & Wales), lets hope for warmer weather for this last of Bank Holidays before Christmas.

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  1. The spot betting, like many other things today, is a sign of loss of integrity indeed.