Sunday, 29 August 2010

Incy Wincy Spider's Hideout Discovered!

Not blogged for a week, then two in one day! I've always believed if you ain't got anything to say, don't say it and it has been such a routine time, there's nothing happening that I think would be of any interest. However today, as a measure of how really exciting life is, i thought I'd share with you a couple of things.

My son and I went into Hull to get some film developed for him. He's just bought a 360 degree camera and we went to the Chinese restaurant for lunch while we waited for the first film to be processed. It was a lovely meal, we collected our negatives, bought a new camera bag for me and then went off into the old town of Hull to see if St Mary's church was open.

Sadly, the church was just closing for the day, but this is indeed an old church and within it lies a monument of a certain civic dignitary who lived in hull going back 200 years and ended up as the town Mayor (it was a town in those days). We are going to visit it on Bank Holiday Monday to see the monument and I'll report on the trip and give you some history of this lovely old building and why we're going to see the monument tomorrow.

The old part of the town (which goes back to about 1215 originally) still has narrow streets and cobble stones, old tall buildings and fascinating architecture. The picture above is just one view of Bishop Lane which leads down to the High Street, one of the oldest streets which served business carried out on the river for centuries.

The second bit of excitement was my greenhouse has had a makeover with new shelving! I know how to make the headlines. The greenhouse is a lot tidier now but the tidying process was rather creepy. I was sorting the pots into size and i heard this pitter-patter - i kid you not, and I turned to see a spider the size of a rat run across a plastic bag! It had a saddle on its back! Now I'm not frightened of spiders, I wouldn't invite one for tea you understand, but the sight of this one made me shiver. I eventually found it hiding under a pot and threw it into the flower bed.

Chat soon



  1. Is that you we can see in the bottom left hand corner of the greenhouse pic?

    I'd love to have seen a pic of the spider wearing a saddle ...

  2. Yes, me and my shadow...
    I was too shocked when I heard it then saw it scamper across the bag and I was so concerned with geting it out, i never thought of getting it in a pic... shame really.

  3. urgh, I hate spiders!

    Josie x

  4. Yuck! I do not like spiders, though I know how good for the garden they are. But we have two here that can give a deathly bite -- the Black Widow of which I have seen many. Depending on their size they're mostly fatal to children. The other is the Brown Recluse which I have never seen because it is indeed a bit of a recluse. But we have other spiders that bite, but are not necessarily poisonous. They leave a fang-like mark on me and are very itchy.