Saturday, 7 August 2010

Hedgehog Day...

After a hectic day yesterday (Friday - on an extra day off) trying to catch yearling fish in my pond, it's nice to settle back into a weekend routine. I ended up getting some assistance from my youngest son and brother in law next door to try to catch fish in the pond that are about a year old with a view to putting them in the smaller pond. We ended up emptying the pond of plants to try to catch the little buggers (about an inch long and dark coloured) and we were still not totally successful. Messy, dirty and wet, but fun and rewarding, (where have I heard that before!)

I went out late last night after dark to check the pond lights and I bumped into a young hedgehog on the patio. I asked it to wait while I went for my camera and it obliged and was still there when I came back - and the above pic is the result.

We've had hedgehogs in the garden for years, some much much larger than last nights little thing and often in twos. We always know when they're about because they set the security lights off.

The photograph below is a small water lily I bought this spring and to put it into context, this is about the size of a 50 pence piece.

There are some very dramatic black clouds drifting by from west to east this afternoon and although we've had an odd short shower, no much-needed rain has arrived. Still, it's warm and pleasant and nice to wander about without a coat on.

A bit of atmosphere would be good - I have a paranormal investigation tonight.

Regular readers know I like a bit of fun with the sexes ( I don't discriminate - I take the mickey equally out of men and women) and today I thought I'd have a go at what women say and what they actually mean.

"Do what you want." MEANS "You'll pay for this later."
"Do you love me?" MEANS "I'm going to ask for something very expensive."
"We need to talk." MEANS "I'm going to witter at you."
"This kitchen floor is so hard to clean." MEANS "I want a new house."
"Can we just be friends?" MEANS "I'm never going to let any part of your body ever touch mine."
"It's not you, it's me." MEANS "It's you."
"I just need some space." MEANS "Without you in it."
"We're moving too quickly." MEANS "I'm not going to sleep with you until I find out whether or not the dishy guy at the gym has a girlfriend."
"Hang the picture here." MEANS "Hang the picture there."
"Be romantic, turn out the lights." MEANS "I think I'm putting on weight."

Chat soon



  1. Ha, ha means lol
    Very funny, means even my much beloved laughed at it...
    Great pictures, loved the colour of your water lily.

  2. Thanks Jarmara, The lily is the sole flower so far, I hope there are more to come!

  3. I'm the same. "Taking the mick" is one the little pleasures in life. Though I'm told in my case it's more Les Dawson than Sir Noël Coward.

    That's helluva compliment. Though they did say it "was the domain of a man of a certain age!". My answer was Thhhpppp :)

    Good luck with the paranormal investigation by the way. I had a err.. vocation? dealing with the unexplained for more than 30 years, often daily. Don't quite know how to explain it, because I'm not particularly religious, but often I was called on by churches as a 'get rid of guy'. Unpaid.

    Mediums (f'rinstance) don't like me, because I "get in the way" ? Never got my head round that. I'm not 'anti'. I'm intrigued. I suppose, having a reputation of getting rid makes one rather unpopular in certain quarters.

    It can be a very eclectic mix. Faith, practicality, logic and people can be a confusing mix.

    Do you share about your experiences anywhere?

  4. Hi Wheelie - we don't keep the website up to date which is a shame, but i'll get round to it one day - famous last words. Fascinating experiences you've obviously had, would love to chat about them. We simply go to places that have never been visited before and its a spiritual investigation rather than a scientific one, although we do look for natural explanations for 'strange' occurrences always. I guess we're lucky in that the group has two professional mediums who love doing it for relaxation and me, a medium in waiting and three or four who are 'sensitive.' It's all good fun within the bounds of our respect for spiritual existence.