Saturday, 6 February 2010

Ian Carmichael, who died today

I was very sorry to hear today of the death of one of my favourite actors, Hull born Ian Carmichael. By co-incidence, after my early morning exercise, I watched the black and white film, Colditz Story this morning on 'Dave' on Sky, unaware that he had passed away.

I suppose I grew up with Carmichael because he played Lord Peter Wimsey on TV for years, he was Bertie Wooster and played leading and supporting roles in the famous Boulting Brothers films like 'I'm alright Jack' and 'Lucky Jim.' He starred with the best in the business.

Plus, he was a local lad (89 when he passed). Carmichaels store, down George Street in Hull was a posh upper class store selling the top stuff, furniture, jewelry and household stuff. It's now a pub I think on the night time circuit. His family owned the store but instead of following in the family trade, he became a luvvie. His superbly quintessential upper class accent belied the fact that he was from the fishing city of Hull, a past he never denied or forgot..

A keen cricketer, he was one of the Lord's Taverners who raise money for charity, but a Yorkshireman at heart, he moved back to North Yorkshire to life out his life and, in fact, where he died.

Thanks to the BBC for the picture, above and read Ian's obituary on the BBC Online here.

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