Saturday, 20 February 2010

Ode to a simple berk...

What a fabulous morning, bright sun, crystal clear skies and frost on the lawn where the sun hasn't managed to get to yet - gorgeous. Lift the temperature by twenty degrees and it would be worth having. All makes it feel so much better.

I had a coffee with brother and sister in law next door this morning and sister in law has lost six pounds on her diet so she's doing really well. We had a look at their fish pond this morning and the water was only about three or four degrees, so my mind was made up not to do any spring maintenance on my little puddle to avoid stressing the fish. Brrrrrrrrrrrrr.

I don't know if your blog has it, but at the top there's a little link which says 'Next Blog'. I often click that and have a mosey round the world of blogging and there's some fascinating stuff I must confess: personal lives, family lives, hobbies, politics, photography and much, much more. Last night I came across a great site which had poems on it and unfortunately after I read it I moved onto the next one and didn't make a note of the link.

It was a poetry blog by an individual who writes about his personal life in the modern way of doing poetry, unlike poems when I was a kid which all rhymed. Interesting story within the poems but I'm sort of uneasy - concentrating so much on reading it properly to make it sound like a poem that I forget what the content is all about.

So I wrote a little ditty of my own last night as a commentary on the 'modern' way of writing a poem.

Just a simple Berk

I love to read a poem
To muse on prose and rhyme;
To feel the lines trip off the tongue
The feeling is sublime.

But looking on the Internet
At modern verse and line,
Just really makes me wonder
Why poems no longer rhyme.

There is a secret, I suppose
Which I’m not privy to,
Of how to make the lines flow right
Without a harsh review.

I like to giggle, have a laugh,
See clever word play work;
Tis a skill I do not have -
I’m just a simple berk.

To write a poem, I’ve no clue
To follow modern ways,
When ere I read the modern stuff,
My eyes go all a glaze.

I think I’ll quit while I’m ahead
Rhyming dictionary overused.
My final words on modern rhyme?
I’ll just remain ‘bemused’.

Copyright Rarelesserspotted, first published on on 20 February 2010. Not to be reproduced without permission.

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  1. That's wonderful! What part of Yorkshire do you live in?

  2. Hello Jarmara
    Thank you for leaving a comment - home is the East Riding of Yorkshire. What an extraordinary blog you have - one to enjoy; I'm hooked and I've only read the opening page. Welcome to this one, a fellow passenger on this Yorkshireman's life journey.

  3. My roots are in Whitby, North Yorkshire as my grandfather was born in Middlesbrough and his father, Whitby. I traced my Yorkshire family roots back to 1716, to a small village outside Whitby. My much beloved and I travel to Whitby twice a year if not more when we can afford it. I'm very proud of my roots.

    Thank you for your kind comments about my blog.

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