Sunday, 21 February 2010

Welcome to Planet Earth

Repeat after me: "I will not turn this blog into a weather forecast."

Welcome today to a new follower, Jarmara Falconer. This 'plum-coloured hair woman' describes herself as follows:

"I'm a nightwriter and I'm haunted by the power of the written word. If like me, you are on a journey to another time and place, then come with me. I shall enjoy your company for the journey is too long to be alone."

Her blog's great and very entertaining and for someone who has a few thousand words of his first novel hiding on the hard drive somewhere, it will be good to follow her progress in writing and publishing hers. You are very welcome madam.

I woke this morning to an inch of snow on the ground and flakes the size of flying saucers falling gently to earth. Now, not that I've ever seen a flying saucer you understand, but any alien with any self respect would always choose sunnier climes to make 'first contact.'

Imagine the scene, snowy Yorkshire, 9 am Sunday morning:

"Hello, I'm Zush from the planet Toofarawaytosee,"

"Now then lad, it's a bit parky out here what wi' snow an all, does tha' fancy a cuppa?"

"Erm... I come bearing gifts and extraordinary science from a far galaxy."

"Aye, 'appen, but it's brass monkey weather and I need to get me tootsies in front of yon fire."

"I've travelled for 379,000 light years through intergalactic wars and corrosive nebulae, negotiated with species too fantastic to describe to bring you messages of hope for the future of mankind."

"Well you'll be ready for for some grub then lad, park the old UFO over there, don't block her drive across the road though, she gets a bit tetchy, don't worry about the dog, she only bites those she doesn't like. You look a bit blue, are yer cold or is that yer normal colour? Don't slip on the snow, I can't afford for you to sue me, ha ha! Bugger me, it's cold."

I was going to do some gardening today but it's a morning in front of the fire doing a bit of reading. It's the local DIY store this afternoon, weather permitting to get some John Innes compost for the outside tubs to replace the general purpose stuff that neither retains moisture or goodness.

Enjoy the last day of the weekend!

Chat soon



  1. Ooh very snowy there. Hopefully we won't get it back again.

  2. Thank you for the wonderful welcome, RLS. I don't think I've ever had a welcome like it before.

    I love the idea of a Yorkshireman welcoming alien to planet earth, maybe you should write a short scifi story with your idea and send it off to a magazine.

    Best wishes

  3. Hi Val
    It's all gone today (Monday) but still damn cold and damp and I've noticed a chill breeze has sprung up.

    Hi Jamara
    You're very welcome. There's a few stories on the blog in a series called 'ghostly tales' accessible via the labels, bottom right. All very predictable but a bit of fun. I like the idea of a short story or a comedy show sketch... 'The Yorkshireman and the Alien' Hmmmm