Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Places to go, people to see!

Just a quick blog tonight - fairly exhausted after two really busy loooooong days! I hope everyone is absolutely tickerty-boo?

Tuesday I was up at 5.30 am (in the middle of the night for me) to go on the treadmill before work because I missed the night before and then a heavy day at work. After work I was at my psychic circle arriving home at 11.40 pm and sleeping soundly.

Today (Wednesday) started at the normal time, work, board meeting for three hours straight after work with only a sarnie for
sustenance, straight to meditation class where I had an incredibly exciting experience and then home at 10 pm.

My son has had a letter for a job interview so I'm incredibly pleased, so we need to help him as much as possible with interview technique.

What I am disappointed at is I've missed pancake Tuesday! And what makes it worse, although my other half makes really good pancakes, she bought a bottle of pancake mixture from the supermarket just to make it easier and less mess. Ah well, we'll have to indulge this weekend.

The picture above shows the very unusual sunrise I witnessed on Monday morning (15th February) just before work. The sun was shining with a red hot glow on the trees against a grey threatening cloudy background and shortly after that - it rained all day. It looked more spectacular than the camera has captured, but it was really something.

A man rang the local newspaper and asked about putting an obituary in the paper. He was told that it would cost him £26.75 including VAT. He admitted that he only had one pound and taking pity on him, the call handler told him that for a pound, he could give him three words, so he should choose carefully.

"'Margaret is dead' is all I can think of really," said the man.
"Hmmm, it's a bit short and blunt," said the call handler, "I'll tell you what, don't tell anyone, but I'll give you another extra three words for nothing."
The man paused for thought and after some deliberation he said, "Margaret is dead, Fiesta for sale!"

Hope you are having a good week.

Chat soon


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