Monday, 1 February 2010

Leaplings step forward...

White rabbit, white rabbit white rabbit.

Welcome to February, another new month - I noticed this morning a beautiful large moon setting as I set off to work this morning against a clear but lighter sky, sure signs that nights are getting dark later and mornings are almost at the stage where I don't have to put my headlights on.

The history behind February is slightly more obscure than other months, (by the way, do you pronounce the 'ru' in the middle or do you say Feb-u-ry - like Jan-u-ry?) The second month in the Gregorian and Julian calendars is named after the Latin februum which means 'purification' from an old ritual carried out on the 15th February in the old Roman calendars because February was said to be a barren month.

There are some interesting anniversaries and celebrations this month including Groundhog Day in Canada and the USA tomorrow, the 2nd; Valentine's Day of course (never had a card in 30 years!) on the 14th and every four years, 'leap day' (this year isn't one).

The Primrose is one of this months birth-flowers and the birth-stone is amethyst.

There were some famous birthdays on the 29th February (known as 'leaplings') as well as the fictional Pirate King from Gilbert & Sullivan's Pirates of Penzance where the whole plot revolves around birthdays on the 29th. Others include Jimmy Dorsey, the American band leader, Dinah Shore, singer and actress, English actor Joss Ackland (one of my favourites) and many others.

My wife bought a Makro special offer chiminea last week for £49 which is a lot cheaper than the local outlets. My son and I put it together tonight with one of the worst set of instructions I have ever had the misfortune to read and sister in law from next door, my wife and I and my son sat around it watching the blazing scrap wood in the freezing cold this evening, but it was a pleasant experience. We like to sit out on an evening (usually when it's warmer) round a fire and have a bottle or two - tonight, it was just a cuppa, but wrapped up against the bitter and penetrating cold, it was equally as cosy.

A cowboy strode out of the saloon to find that someone had painted his horse completely green.
He stormed back into the saloon and screamed, "Which one of you sons of bitches has painted my horse green?"
A huge, mean looking guy, six feet four and built like a brick sh... outhouse slowly stood up and said, "I did."
"Right," said the cowboy, "Well, just to let you know the first coat's dry."

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