Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Holiday - what holiday?

This is the calm before the storm. Today is a day off from the holiday (lounging and pottering). Today is a preparation day. In order of occurrence: a trip to York for a walk around the city wall (research today) on Thursday, a walk around Hull on Friday, family reunion for my father's mother's family on Saturday (getting some display photos ready today), most of whom I have never seen or met before and Sunday an all day local Boys League football tournament; and this is a holiday!

Breaking news: Scientists have discovered something that will do the work of five men - a woman.

Ah well I can be stressed at leisure in my own time. Most of it I am looking forward to and in between times, I will be listening or watching, if I can get near to the TV, to the first Ashes test between England and Australia played for the first time at Cardiff and England are doing okay, not brilliantly, but okay.

I'm just about to do some light reading this afternoon, David Well's book on improving psychic ability and I will be listening to his CD with a guided meditation later this afternoon. It helps me relax if nothing else during the day, I will probably have to wait until evening time to link into my psychic mind with the meditation.

I thought I would put a photograph of the Mayes family - above - (my father's mother's family). Two generations ago have all passed now, all eight of them, five girls and three boys and their spouses all barring one wife. The picture is my grandmother taken by a professional photographer around 1930.

Q Why are families like a box of chocolates?

A Mostly sweet with a few nuts.

Chat soon


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