Friday, 10 July 2009

Trim all round sir?

Domesticity rules today, no walk round Hull as planned and therefore no money spent (other than on tonight's Euro Millions and at a local shop too).

stead, I cut the hedge (with the assistance of she who must be obeyed), trimmed a tree, cut the grass, had a nice welcoming hot bath and this evening bought my son a computer as a reward for getting his degree.

The hedge was trimmed nice and neatly, not perfect because its full of holes, not level due to it growing at different rates because of the trees, but it turned out very acceptable and will be okay for the next two months or so.
As a bonus, although it's not a very good picture (top), there was a bullfinch on the seed dispenser in the back garden which I managed to get before it flew off. I had to do something very old fashioned which was to manually focus on the bird because all the foliage was confusing the auto focus. What you can't see behind the foliage was it's female partner, who has a grey belly. They come once a day, as if passing through from who knows where to somewhere much more exciting.

Have a great weekend.

Chat soon



  1. Well done on the gardening. It looks lovely.
    Love the photo of the bullfinch.

  2. very neat, puts ours to shame, mind you the neighbours have made a start for us!