Monday, 20 July 2009

Times they are a' changing...

Regular followers may recall I decided to shave my beard off a couple of weeks ago whilst I was on a weeks break. I left my moustache on, I daren't go the whole hog (coward) and the reaction has been almost universally positive - just one dissenter. Bearing mind my beard has been on around eighteen years and my moustache for about thirty years.

The funniest thing though was yesterday that independently, two people said that they thought that growing a moustache suited me. Hmm. When I pointed out that I had had a moustache for around 30 years, they both looked at me in a puzzled way. I have worked with them both for a few years and it took them absolutely ages to figure it out!

Shows how observant we really are. That's why magicians get away with all sorts because we don't look at or take in what we see. Distraction, diversion, slight of hand and we are easily taken in.

I said in an earlier blog that I was going though a period of change and that's manifested itself in a number of ways, weight loss, beard loss, improved fitness, spirituality etc etc., and at work we are going through a period of change too. Consultants have come into our organisation which in itself should be some concern, after all, consultants take the wrist watch off your wrist and try to sell it back to you - tell you something you already know and charge you a fortune for it.

Just for a change these consultants are trying to sell us their philosophy which will change our organisation at the strategic level and it all looks very exciting and will make for real long term changes and improvement in the way we plan ahead and look after our cash in these difficult times. It's also good to be involved albeit in a lot of extra hard work, but no doubt the benefits are well worth it.

Today's story is completely off topic, it just made me giggle so here it is.

The headmistress of a girls school approached a male friend who was a celebrated author to give a talk to the pupils about sex. He didn't have any experience in lecturing on the subject and after a lot of persuasion, he agreed to do it but he was far too embarrassed to tell his wife. So he told his wife he was giving a lecture on sailing and wrote an appropriate entry in his diary.
A few days after the lecture, the headmistress bumped into the lecturer's wife in the supermarket and said, "You husband was marvellous at the school, so very illuminating, all the pupils thoroughly enjoyed it and I know learned a lot from him."
"Strange," said the wife, "He's only done it twice, the first time he was sick and the second time he lost his hat."

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  1. I too thought you had just grown a moustache. Remarkable how we just get used to stuff like that. Go on, go the whole hog and look years younger.