Sunday, 12 July 2009

What a weekend, glad to be back at work...

What a weekend of high emotions and exhaustion. Saturday night went well, fantastic in fact and all that anxiety and worry was unfounded. We had a family reunion for one branch of the family called 'Mayes', my father's mother's family and we had them from all over the Hull and Haltemprice area to a small club. I did some family pictures and blew them up to A4 size with the help of one or two others who supplies some old photos dug out of tins and dusty lofts no doubt (some of the pictures were as old as the hills) and put them up on a wall at the club to greet everyone. These provided an excellent talking point and broke a lot of ice.
I also put up the main pictures of the third generation away from whence we all came who have now, except all but one wife, passed. Underneath each picture I put a basic family tree from what little knowledge I had and some of the gaps were filled in by the relevant families. It's amazing how much women know about the family and relationships - the men knew bugger all. The cake was fabulous (thanks Doreen) and buffet perfectly acceptable. I met people I remembered from childhood, from more years ago than I care to think about and met many I had never met or simply didn't remember. A lot of gaps were filled and if there is a lesson to all this - don't let time be a thief, don't run out of time to contact relatives; you don't have to live in their pockets or talk to them every month, but a phone call, e-mail or letter now and then wouldn't go amiss.

The second of the major events this weekend was a football tournament today (Sunday) run by the junior league from which I have retired today after ten years faithful service as an active committee member. 5000 kids plus belong to this league playing every Sunday during the season and it has been a privilege to serve them. I am moving on to other things and I will miss the league and in particular, some very good friends on the committee who I am very fond of and who have grafted to provide soccer for all those kids along with all the benefits that provides to the larger community.

I was there at seven a.m. and left at 5.30 pm and thank God for good weather and an excellent atmosphere and a successful footballing day. I have an unintended tan, a sore back and aching feet. I will however regain my family life on a weekend which has been sadly neglected.

The third and unexpected emotional episode was sitting down, tired but happy after I arrived home tonight to watch on DVD, Gran Torino with the extraordinary Clint Eastwood in an incredibly watchable film, not his best but near as dammit, as the ex Korean war army veteran living in a neighbourhood devoid of 'native' Americans. This is thoroughly recommended as one of the great films, funny, tense, emotional roller coaster of relationship building and in some cases, destroying. There is some bad language and racism is a strong theme, but brilliantly acted and directed by the master himself, this is a must see.

I cried.

Well that's it for tonight folks, too tired to do anything else but get my shoes clean for work tomorrow and bid you have a great, successful and safe week ahead.

My good friend Middle Aged Gapper has done an excellent blog from Italy from where he has spent the first couple of weeks of his new life, check it out - very entertaining.

Chat soon



  1. Thank you for the plug RLS - Tutti sonno benvenutti!

    Keep up the good work. Glad the family shindig went well - sounds fascinating.


  2. the family reunion sounded interesting, my mum is the same, knows all the family tree, who married who, family skeletons etc etc. I just wish she would write it all down....