Sunday, 26 July 2009

On Dragonfly's wing...

Didn't plan too much today because the weather forecast which I saw on Friday said we would have rain, rain and more rain. It finally arrived here in short bursts about 4 pm and is now steady, but I could have done all sorts because the day was grey but fine, ah well.

Brother in law, who lives next door, called me round this afternoon to go and check out this great sight on his fish pond so I took my camera just in case and wow, I wasn't disappointed.
There, on one of the water soldier plants in the middle of the pond was this gorgeous dragonfly and it looked as if it was laying eggs on the plant (I must do some research and find out if that was what it was doing.) If you click on the picture, it will enlarge.

I managed to fire one shot off with my telephoto lens (70 - 300) from about six feet before it skedaddled, but it had been there a while, so I hope all its eggs were laid. The fish will eat some I suspect, they're a hungry lot, but I hope some survive.

Have you heard the one about two parrots sat on a perch? One said the the other, "Can you smell fish?"

(Think about it)

Chat soon,



  1. That really is an amazing sight ! Ain't nature grand !

  2. Hi auntiegwen, I am honoured to have one of the principle and funniest blog writers in the UK visit...

  3. Really amazing photo, well done