Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Touch wood...

Did you say 'white rabbit' three times this morning before you uttered your first words on this first day of the month? I was in bed late on Tuesday night so at five minutes past midnight I cheated and said it then just before I nodded off.

I got into a (friendly) argument with a friend Linda who I take to the psychic circle on Tuesday. We had entered Shirley Ann's house where the circle is held by the back door. We enjoyed a productive and successful night with some quality messages for each other from the 'other side' and it was time to leave. My friend wanted to leave by the FRONT door, much to my dismay but she argued that as we had sat down after entering the house, it didn't matter, it wouldn't be bad luck to leave through a different door from one that we had originally entered.

I bowed to her confidence that we had negated the superstition by sitting and I left, not without a little trepidation (and after touching wood) and to make it worse the fog had come in from the North Sea with a vengeance on the drive home. All was well however and I am now happy that the three 'white rabbits' have rescued me.

My work colleague and friend Middle Aged Gapper is on his last working day on Friday before he retires and starts his new life of adventure and discovery. I am hopeful that when he can find time, he will update his blog with his adventures and his rather small companion Wainwright who you should really meet because this little guy will become famous, mark my words.

There aren't many rabbit stories (other than them being prolific breeders) so I thought I would relate a story about a rabbit in tribute to my lucky three 'white rabbits.'

A man found his dog in his back garden with a dead rabbit in his mouth. The dreadful realisation came to him that this was the neighbours daughter's pet rabbit. In a panic, he washed the rabbit and in the dead of night he slipped it back into the cage in his neighbour's garden hoping perhaps that his neighbour would think it had died of natural causes. The next day, the man spotted his neighbour digging in the garden. He looked over the fence and said, "Hello Bill, what you up to?"

"I'm burying my rabbit," replied the neighbour. "There are some sick people about. It died on Monday, I buried it on Tuesday and yesterday, some bastard dug it up, washed it and stuck it back in its cage."


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